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Cloud-based video surveillance systems grow in demand

The evolution of cloud computing is creating opportunity for a wide range of industries, especially security. Cloud-based video surveillance cameras are growing in demand as more businesses and residential neighborhoods see the benefits of deploying the technology, according to an A&S Magazine report.

"It's not just for verification of alarms but to give users information, such as of their pets left in the house and to see if they're all right," security expert Andrew Pigram said, according to A&S Magazine.

Video surveillance systems in the cloud offer a number of advantages

Cloud-based video surveillance, sometimes called Video Surveillance-as-a-Service, is an important next step in the evolution of integrated security systems. While VSaaS will not replace an entire alarm network, it can be a crucial addition that gives users the ability to connect multiple protective appliances together, the news source said.

Additionally, cloud-based solutions are compatible with mobile technologies, which is increasingly important for users in today's highly tech-savvy world, in which the majority of users own a smartphone or tablet. Pigram said one of the biggest drivers behind cloud surveillance is the system's ability to collaborate with consumer electronics, reducing expenses for the user and the service provider, A&S Magazine reported. By using surveillance tools in the cloud, users don't need to purchase additional monitors, as they can watch surveillance cameras via their web-connected mobile device.

"The customer is happy because they can utilize something they've bought and we're happy because we don't need to provide a viewing platform," Pigram said, according to A&S Magazine. "It reduces capital outlay and clutter in the house. The end user does not need to buy a DVR and monitor."

Where the cloud-based surveillance market is headed

A separate report by SecurityInfoWatch noted that decision-makers today still have the option to postpone, adopt or ignore the evolution of cloud-based security appliances, despite its inevitability. Many network video cameras are basically mini computers, as they can store content, use analytic applications and "learn" from their environments.

As cloud technologies evolve, security tools will continue to migrate to the hosted environments to achieve greater levels of efficiency without driving expenses. As this trend occurs, decision-makers would be wise to embrace the change to develop more effective integrated security systems capable of boosting the physical protection of vital assets.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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