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Closed-circuit television system catches man defiling bicycle

A Swedish man looking to determine who was slashing his bicycle's tires at night got more than he expected when he found another criminal act caught on his closed-circuit television system: a man making love to the two-wheeled machine.

The man posted the video in question to Youtube according to the New York Daily News, in which the man slashed the tires and proceeded to defile the bicycle, in an attempt to find who was responsible for the act.

While what the man found was an extreme example, CCTV installation can be a cheap and effective crime deterrent. If the camera is placed in a central location, thieves will be much less likely to take the risk of getting caught. Even if they make off with the goods, the video recorded will give users and police a much easier time when it comes to tracking down the perpetrator.

Additionally, having a CCTV system can provide added security as the feed can be viewed in real time, allowing viewers to know when they're in danger. While confronting a thief may not be the best idea, being able to protect yourself with advanced warning, including calling the police, can make it a very worthwhile investment.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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