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Choosing the best home security camera for 2013

With the new year here there is a lot to think about when it comes to home security. One of the most important considerations is how camera technologies have evolved and what solutions offer the most potential for the coming year. After looking at a variety of solutions discussed on a wide range of publications, a few key cameras, and broad trends, seem clear for the coming year.

Top cameras for 2012
If you are looking for an entire camera system, not just a single device that provides surveillance functionality, you may want to consider the Lorex Camera System. TopTenReviews identified the solution as the top home camera platform for the coming year, as it puts together a combination of powerful capabilities and ease of use that is difficult to match from competing cameras. Also ranked high from a system perspective are solutions from SVAT, Security Labs, Clover and Swann. Each of these camera platforms offered fairly similar functionality, with some of the key differences coming in the various help and support solutions made available by the manufacturers.

Individual cameras are a much more diverse market, especially when you look at IP camera functionality. In this market segment, TopTenReviews ranked the Foscam FI8918W camera as the top solution because it offers a variety of advanced features, providing the flexibility needed to meet a variety of home security needs. Cisco, Panasonic and SecurView cameras also ranked highly with TopTenReviews.

As a broad rule, IP cameras are gaining significant prominence in the home security sector because their ability to offer network connectivity provides homeowners with the functionality to track activity around their homes from any location with an internet connection.

Popular Mechanics took a more detailed look at the home camera sector and found that while cameras are definitely important from a security perspective, they also offer consumers an unparalleled ability to track any kind of activities around the home, like weather or package arrival statuses, providing a sense of well being that goes beyond knowing that possessions are safe. From this broad perspective, the news source looked at the best cameras from a few different operational perspectives.

If you want simplicity or value, Popular Mechanics suggests going with the Avaak Vue camera, as it offers basic functionality at a relatively low price point while providing free access to a limited number of alerts pertaining to the condition of the home. Unlimited alerts are also available at a relatively low cost. The Logitech Alert solution, on the other hand, is a little more robust, but provides a more sophisticated option that straddles the line between offering complex functionality and enabling simplicity. As a result, the system is ideal if you want some powerful features but do not want to have to deal with excess complications.

According to the news source, the Cernium Archerfish camera system provides the most intelligent option, as the network functionality of the camera combines with a robust feature set to make the solution one of the most advanced home camera systems available from an analytics perspective.

Considering broad trends in home camera market
The cameras that have gained separation from the competition have done so largely because they offer basic intelligence capabilities, like being able to distinguish between people and objects, without creating excess costs. This not only provides important functionality, it also fits within the growing interest in intelligent alerts pertaining to activities in the home. When considering cameras for 2013, you may want to look closely at alert and analytics features to get a solution that will not only meet current needs, but be able to keep up with industry momentum moving forward.

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