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Easy Solutions For Improved Door Security

solutions for door security

Nowadays, security is everybody’s concern. Our families, coworkers, and clients count on us to provide a secure environment to go about the daily routine of our busy lives. One of the most important components, yet often overlooked features in our day to day security are doors. Opening, closing, locking, unlocking, answering, buzzing and knocking are just a few of the interactions we have each day with doors. This familiarity with the doors in our lives can fade their importance into the background, taking them for granted. Show your door some love and reinforce its security with these easy solutions:

Know Your Door

Does your door show it’s age? Doors exposed to wind, rain and extreme temperatures can become warped over time. This can create major security problems, especially if the door does not open and close properly. What condition is your door hardware in? Good quality metal door hardware offer fine design and superior strength for further security applications. Be certain that your door seals, hinges, knobs and handles are of the highest production level. Having a good door in place is key to providing adequate safety. If time has compromised your door’s ability to function properly, it may be time to replace.

Aluminum doors are the strongest doors on the market today. Both storm and screen doors are available with aluminum construction. They are six times stronger than steel doors and impervious to rust for a maintenance free lifetime. For contractors and developers, or for home or business owners considering a new high-quality door, consider aluminum.

Double It Up

For added protection, consider installing a security door. They provide safety with elegance for the exterior of your home or business. A security door is a second, sturdy metal storm/hurricane-type door with its own deadbolt and reinforcement. Security doors allow you to open the regular door for fresh air or to talk to someone, but still have a locked, secure door between you and the outside. It also provides a very difficult barrier for unwanted guests or potential intruders.

Let The Light In

There is no need to sacrifice sunlight and beautiful views for a secure home or business. Glass doors provide safety features just as doors made from other materials. Residential glass security doors are best made with shatter resistant laminated safety glass in a steel or aluminum frame. For commercial doors, bullet resistant glass made from acrylic polycarbonate and glass-clad polycarbonate are available.

Can It Stand The Heat?

The importance of fire alarms and sprinklers is well known. But how resistant to fire is your door? There are a full range of external and internal fire resistant and fireproof doors available. These doors are tested and authorized by the Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.), In addition to fire door installation, doors can be reinforced with the installation of release mechanisms which will allow doors to shut automatically at the sound of the fire alarm. Typically left open, in a fire scenario, this will ensure that fireproof doors automatically shut, and prevent the expansion of fire throughout the premises.

Lock It Up

Great locks make great neighbors! Doors & All entrances, including service doors and gates, should have high security locks. A lock’s security level is determined by its ability to withstand tampering, which reduces break-in attempts. Characteristics found in high-security locks are heavy mechanisms, and keyway resistance to tools or improper keys. These heavy-duty locks are usually equipped with auto locking mechanisms with magnetic locking solutions.

High-security locks contain a patented key control system, which means that the keys can only be duplicated by an authorized dealer. Paragon Security is authorized to match and confirm keys in case you need copies. Choose from a variety of high-security locks, such as deadbolts, cylinders, or padlocks.

Always Know Who Is At The Door

Knowing who is at your door is no luxury. For New Yorkers it’s a NECESSITY! Even when you’re not at home, Digital Door Viewers keep you protected and in control. Video intercoms work with a mounted or fixed door hole camera and an LCD display for viewing. There are models built for either indoor or outdoor use. Select a video intercom for another means of identifying your visitor – for extra added security. Video surveillance camera systems utilize closed-circuit television (CCTV) or IP technology. Strategically placed video cameras transmit signals to centralized monitors for viewing. Be sure to choose a CCTV system that meet the security requirements of New York City commercial and residential buildings.

Raise The Bar

For extra protection while home or at night you can use security bars that either wedge against the door usually under the handle or a jammer that slides into place preventing the door from opening. On sliding doors it’s always recommended to place a bar behind the slider or/and install pin locks to prevent the door from opening.

With a wide range of commercial and residential doors from steel security doors to metal calamine fire proof doors, solid wooden doors of all species, iron doors, aluminum doors and store front installation, there is a door available to meet every safety and security need. Choosing the right door requires expert advice. Do not hesitate to reach out to a security specialist for complimentary advice on making the right choice.


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