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Check your alarm batteries when the power goes out, report says

Winter weather can contribute to extended power outages, especially in parts of the country that face large quantities of snowfall or experience especially powerful storms. In such times, home security alarms will switch to a backup battery to sustain protection. However, most backup batteries will only last, at most, 24 hours. As a result, home alarm system owners have to prepare for extended outages by checking their batteries regularly and having a backup plan in place, ArkansasMatters.com reported.

How outages impact security alarms
According to the news source, alarms will respond differently to battery-related issues depending on how they are configured. It is important, therefore, to contact your home security company in the event of a major power outage. To support this, ArkansasMatters.com looked to New York native BillGulla, who has had to deal with extended outages in the past. Gulla told the news source that he had, at one point, gone five days without power and learned the importance of managing the home alarm system effectively. While he did not have to learn this lesson the hard way, by being burglarized, he did have to deal with a battery that died and reset the system.

When a major storm left many in Arkansas without power, Gupta was more prepared. The news source explained that his system included mobile features, which meant the alarm sent him a text message warning him when the battery was low so he could get it replaced before the system shut down.

The report said that dealing with batteries effectively can be key as many burglars see power outages as an opportunity to break into homes that are normally protected.

Dealing with seasonal security issues
Each season brings different challenges from a home protection perspective. Homeowners need to consider the impact that seasonal temperatures, storms and lifestyle changes can have on their homes and plan accordingly. In winter, issues with extended outages, freezing locks and similar problems can emerge. Working in conjunction with a security solution provider to prepare for each season can help resolve many issues. Having a security system that includes mobile functionality can also pay off in winter, as one of the greatest challenges is completing outdoor security processes, like locking dead bolts, in the cold and snow. Mobile systems let users do these types of things from warm, cozy locations, overcoming the challenges presented by nature.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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