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CCTV shows weightlifter on a rampage in gym

Authorities have recently released CCTV footage of a violent incident from October last year.  Chad Brothers, a 32 year old construction worker and weightlifter, entered Gold’s Gym in Albany, NY and violently trashed the place.

Footage shows how Brothers effortlessly toppled over heavy exercise equipment, and hurled weights in a blind rage. Footage shows the frightened gym-goers fleeing the scene as it becomes apparent that the man is out of control. It is told that Brothers even sped up on another person’s treadmill, while they were on it.

The police arrived while Brothers was still wreaking havoc in the gym.  Due to the man’s physical power and build (he was 6’1″, 235 pounds), it took several taser shocks, and two sets of hand-cuffs, to restrain him.  Brothers eventually died while in custody. Toxicology reports by the coroner determined that the death was caused by an overdose of drugs, and not due to the taser shocks.  The violent rampage in the gym is most likely a result of the drug-use.

To view the cctv footage: http://tinyurl.com/88wzl7e

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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