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Caught on tape: Potential lottery winner checks tickets in Maryland gas station

The past couple of weeks had every lottery player on edge as he or she waited to hear their Powerball numbers announcing their instant transformation into a millionaire. And while hundreds of people joke about what they would do if they actually had the golden ticket, several video surveillance cameras in a Marlboro Village, Maryland, gas station actually caught what may be a winner's reaction.

The footage shows a bald man dressed in a yellow suit nonchalantly walking into the building to pay for gas and absently check his lottery tickets. After realizing he had the winning numbers, the man showed the station clerk and several customers to confirm he was not seeing things, according to a CNN report.

It appears he wasn't.

The surveillance cameras also show the man forget to pay for his gas in his excitement to get home, only to run back in and give the clerk some money. If the man's ticket turns out to be legitimate, he could end up splitting more than $384 million with the other winner, CNN reported.

This particular use of video surveillance shows the versatility of the technology. While the tools are often recognized for their ability to enhance security and business operations by providing decision-makers insight into employee activity, they can also be used for less serious reasons.

Showing off crazy, potentially historical events to friends, for example, is another example of how individuals can use video surveillance cameras. If you had surveillance footage of multi-million-dollar mega jackpot lottery tickets being redeemed at your store, wouldn't you show it off too?

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