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Keyless Access In New York City

Keyless Entry and New York City

Written by By MICHELLE HIGGINS | The New York Times

New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems

In the next few months, residents at a handful of buildings in the city will be able to walk up to their apartment doors and go inside without fumbling for keys. And if the dog walker or cleaning service comes by while they are out, residents can use an app to let them in remotely. Ditto for deliveries.

Access Control

Keyless entry systems are starting to make their way to your apartment door. While smart locks have been available to individual homeowners for a few years, developers and property management companies have been hesitant to lose the key, citing the cost of upgrading hundreds of locks and the risk of losing money if the technology goes the way of Betamax.

LATCH Access Everywhere.

Latch, a new keyless entry system from a two-year-old start-up with the same name, is being introduced at a range of properties, from a four-unit East Village walk-up to a 431-unit luxury doorman rental in Chelsea, managed by real estate firms that have invested in the technology, like Corigin and Pan Am Equities. KISI, another keyless entry provider that has made strides in offices, is also turning its attention toward residences, with plans to roll out the system at a new 570-unit development on Staten Island in March (installed by Paragon Security).

For residents, especially those who make heavy use of on-demand deliveries, the pitch is control and convenience. Instead of doling out keys to your pet-sitter, contractor or houseguests, you can issue a virtual key. Instead of worrying about extra keys floating around that you lent out but never got back, you can simply disable access.

Landlords and property management companies can track the comings and goings of workers, guests and deliveries. If a tenant moves out, or doesn’t pay his rent, “keys” can be turned off. Access to health clubs, children’s lounges, pools and bike rooms can also be easily added or subtracted.

Designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swedish-born designer whose early career includes tenure at Apple, Latch is a contemporary take on the classic mortise lock. Perched above the traditional keyhole, a discreet camera sits behind a circular touch screen. Like an unblinking eye, it records who is at the door, so residents can determine whom to let in. Bluetooth technology allows Latch to communicate with your phone.

Once you register and download the app, there are a number of ways to open a door. You can use the app on your smartphone, input a key code on the circular touch pad on the door, or use an old-fashioned key. “We realize that not everyone will want to use it digitally,” said Luke Schoenfelder, the chief executive of Latch. The app can also be configured so that the door unlocks automatically upon sensing the phone in your pocket.

Access via key codes can be issued permanently, temporarily for deliveries or on a set schedule, as for a dog-walker. The system creates a record of every entry so you — and your landlord — can see who has been there and for how long.

Because your custom passcode always lets you in, you won’t get locked out if you leave your phone in a cab. You can also deactivate the code by logging into your account, if your phone is lost or stolen.

KISI Cloud Managed Office Access

KISI, a cloud-based control system, is designed for buildings with doors that are electronically wired. Once it is installed, tenants can download the app to turn their smartphones into their keys. Depending on how the system is configured, tenants either tap a button on the app to enter the building or touch their phone to a reader as they would at an office turnstile. One drawback: Because your phone is now your key, you’ll need to find a workaround if your battery dies before you get home.

To learn more or schedule a demonstration call 1 (888) 688-9771 or CLICK HERE and a Paragon representative will be happy to help. You will see our prices and know-how are second to none!

New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems by Michelle Higgins From The New York Times, Jan 1 © 2016 The New York Times Company . All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution, or retransmission of this Content without express written permission is prohibited.

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Living A Paragon Life

Had a great lunch today of peri peri wings and a tuna salad matched perfectly with a carafe of pinot blanc. However, was surprised by all of the cameras mounted in the ceiling overhead. The cameras almost outnumbered the tables which, I find very odd when not in a Las Vegas casino. I asked our server what was up with all of the cameras and he explained that owner Dean Jankelowitz (Jack’s Wife Freda) likes to watch everything from his iPhone. Cool technology, I suppose but not the kind of personal space intrusion I want to experience during brunch. I am taking one star off for lack of privacy. – Chris

I’m doing my happy dance right now, wish you could see it! The Paragon technician was called to our site today. What a lovely gentlemen he was,  very polite. He thoroughly explained all that he was able to accomplish. I appreciate him taking the time to show the guys how to use the system. Paragon Rocks!!! R.D.


My daughter moved to New York City to study in NYU. Her third floor West Village apartment had a fire escape outside the window but no window bars. As a mother, I knew this could not be safe. I looked up online for a solution. From all the companies I called I got the best feeling from Paragon Security and I went ahead and scheduled a free estimate. The estimator was very good at explaining to me what my options were, and after agreeing on a price we booked the job. A few day later when he came to install the bars, I still felt anxious about the security of her apartment. The installer sensed my nervousness and reassured me of that the window bars would make a huge difference. As an added layer of security I asked him if we could replace the locks on the door with high security locks. He gave me a few different options. I made my decision and figured it would take a few days for the lock installation. I was thrilled to find out that he could actually install the new lock on the spot that same day. Paragon eased my worries and helped me sleep better at night knowing my daughter is safe. -samclaughlin


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Miami airport boosts security to enhance passenger safety

In an effort to enhance the protection of travelers, the Miami International Airport is implementing a more robust security program that will include the installation of new surveillance cameras and supporting network. The tools will be added to both internal and external areas of the airport, increasing the safety of pilots, fliers and staff members.

“MIA is the largest U.S. gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean and is one of the leading international passenger and freight airports in the world,” MIA airport building systems manager Ray Davalos said. “Passenger and employee safety is our number-one concern and this is a one-of-a-kind integration.”

Rather than taking a vendor’s standard offerings and manipulate them to fit the airport’s needs, which is a common deployment strategy in the travel industry, MIA officials have decided to install an integrated security system that uses next-generation solutions capable of meeting evolving demands at the facility.

“As one of the foremost international passenger and freight airports in the world, MIA is leading the way in aviation security,” video surveillance expert Guy Yaniv said.

MIA administrators believe they are setting a standard with this installation, especially as protective demands evolve through the coming years in an effort to tackle terrorism and other violent activities. Through the use of high-resolution IP cameras, advanced analytic solutions, wireless networking and radar tools, MIA is taking physical security to the next level.

“These components will enhance the overall security system at MIA and allow the airport to better support the critical mission of protecting passengers and employees,” security expert Jeremy Wensinger said.

In an interview with, access control system expert Jim Slevin said the majority of airport security solutions are reactive instead of proactive. This is bound to change in the coming years, especially as more innovative tools like biometrics and automated analytics become more common. Yet it may not always be an easy sell for stakeholders, as providing hard evidence that proactive security tools prevented an event from occurring is impossible.

Nevertheless, the use of advanced access control and surveillance devices will increase in the coming years as more airport officials take an innovative approach to managing passenger protection, Slevin asserted. As biometrics and automation technologies mature, they will be incorporated more heavily into airport security systems.

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Connecticut governor’s mansion gets security upgrades

Driven by recommendations from the Connecticut state police, Governor Dannel Malloy's administration recently invested more than $250,000 into the governor's Hartford mansion security system, according to a report by the Hartford Courant. While there are a number of reasons to upgrade the protection of the governor and his home, one of the main factors is that there have been multiple intrusions to the back of the property since Malloy became governor.

"We hadn't done any major security updates since 2006, so it was time to review the whole system," Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Commissioner Donald DeFronzo said, according to the news source. "The state police did a threat assessment and made recommendations on what needed to be improved."

The budget included more than $65,000 for surveillance cameras installed throughout the property, as well as more than $40,000 for several locksmith additions to gates around the premises, the news source reported. Installing a new security system was also important because Malloy lives in the mansion full time and also hosts non-profit events on the real estate more often than prior governors.

"This governor seems to be using the residency for state business purposes far more than any recent governor," DeFronzo said, according to the Hartford Courant. "We have probably tripled or quadrupled the use of the residency for business. It is somewhat a unique building because it is not only the residence, but it is also an historic site and a public venue."

A separate report by IMS Research noted that many buildings operating across industries are updating perimeter security systems to ensure valuable assets are kept out of the hands of malicious individuals. Thermal imaging surveillance cameras, in particular, are becoming more commonly deployed throughout large buildings in an attempt to boost security during inclement weather.

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Los Angeles police departments to deploy mobile surveillance cameras

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga and West Valley divisions will soon deploy about 16 mobile surveillance cameras throughout the area’s 66 square miles. The surveillance system will cost roughly $680,000 and will be deployed in roughly 10 weeks, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

LAPD captain Tom Brascia said he couldn’t tell where the cameras were being installed because it may help criminals be aware of their locations. He did say, however, the devices would be installed in the areas where the LAPD believes crime is the highest, the news source noted. The advantage of implementing a mobile surveillance system is that it can be moved, allowing the local law enforcement to adjust their strategies based on criminal activity.

“The crime moves, the cameras move,” West Valley Division co-commander captain Nick Zingo said, according to the Daily News.

While the surveillance cameras will not be monitored at all times, the system is capable of recording footage to help law enforcement catch criminals and use surveillance feeds in a court of law, the news source said. Although it will likely be some time before officers can watch feeds from their patrol cars, the remote monitoring capabilities of surveillance systems are improving everyday.

Surveillance software hosted in the cloud, for example, can offer more advanced remote monitoring potentials. As a result, Video Surveillance-as-a-Service is growing in popularity, according to IMS Research.

“Examples of VSaaS deployments range from integrated security systems incorporating on-site and off-site storage and remote video monitoring by a central station, to the ‘peace of mind’ one to four camera solutions for keeping an eye on loved ones,” IMS Research said.

As surveillance technologies mature, it will be easier for local law enforcement and business owners to protect locations from criminal activity without actually being there.

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Memphis Police Department has trouble with false alarms

Citing a report by the Police Executive Review Forum, the Commercial Appeal noted that the Memphis Police Department in Tennessee wastes a significant amount of time responding to residential alarm systems. As a result, authorities have less time to patrol the city, which may lead to an increase in criminal activity in urban areas.

“We’ve got a good police department that’s doing many of the right things and people need to know that,” chief administrative officer George Little said, according to the news source. “That being said, there are some challenges we’ll have to address.”

False alarms remain problematic

The Memphis Police Department responds to approximately 181 burglar alarm calls every day. The report also noted that authorities were dispatched on more than 66,000 alarm situations in 2011, second only to traffic stops, which averaged 484 incidents each day. Consequently, more than 46,000 of the alarms turned out to be false.

A separate report by the False Alarm Reduction Association revealed that improperly arming or disarming lock and access control systems are the most common reasons for falsely triggering an alarm. Lack of user training and understanding can also be regular factors.

Homeowners and business decision-makers should consider speaking with experienced professionals to learn how to properly use security systems. As a result, fewer false alarms will be sounded and local authorities won’t need to waste valuable time and effort responding to unnecessary calls.

“We have a culture that is used to picking up the phone and calling the police no matter how small the problem,” police director Toney Armstrong said, according to the Commercial Appeal. “It’s a culture we have to change.”

Little said the Memphis Police Department also needs to stop dispatching officials when individuals complain of petty theft when only one or two items are stolen. In these instances, victims can file a police report. Authorities can then skim through these reports to look for commonalities and potential serial burglars, for example, in which they would then send out officers to review the crime scene, the Commercial Appeal noted.

“If you get a bunch of hits in a neighborhood, then maybe you do need to go dust for prints and the whole nine yards,” Little said, according to the news source.

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Enjoy the aroma. Paragon Security’s latest Coffee Project

In continuation of Paragon Security’s relentless ambition to keeping NYC coffee safe, we are very pleased to provide security services to the best new coffee shop in town.  Aroma Espresso Bar recently opened a new branch on Church street (the fourth one in NYC yet).  Paragon Security was called on to provide overall security solutions and other peripheral services for the new location.

This is a project we are very proud of.  We installed a state of the art security camera system (including 16 cameras in total) covering every inch of the restaurant, a 4 TB 16 Channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and internet and mobile access to capture all footage in real time.  We even installed the new shop’s sound and microphone system!

Aroma Espresso Bar serves amazing home-roasted coffee, and delicious fresh food (including bread and pastries baked on-site).  We are proud to keep this great spot safe and secure.  Drop by for some of Aroma’s quality coffee and sandwiches.  While you’re there, don’t forget to check out Paragon’s security system and don’t be surprised to find one or two Paragon staff members enjoying their own cup of coffee as well.

The new branch is located at: 100 Church Street New York, NY 10007. see map

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Paragon-Style Java-Lovin’: Get a free cup of Coffee

At Paragon Security, we really love coffee.
In fact, we love it so much that it has been an on-going mission of ours to keep good coffee safe, sound and secure.
Over the last few years we have been providing security solutions to hundreds of NYC coffee shops and bakeries.  We keep New Yorkers’ java safe with surveillance cameras, locks, alarm systems, smart access control systems and iron works.  That’s Paragon-style Java-lovin’!

And now we want to share the love!
Paragon Security customers will now be able to enjoy a FREE cup of joe at any JOE location across NYC. We will be giving away a FREE cup card after every job we do.


This is Paragon’s way to thank our customers, and spread the love.



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Cellar door caves in after truck’s accidental back up

New York City’s streets pose a challange for a truck driver on the lookout for a parking space.  One driver made the wrong choice,  backing his truck up onto the sidewalk until it landed on a cellar door.  The incredible weight of the truck proved too much for the iron grate which caved in creating a 14 foot deep gaping hole in the middle of the sidewalk.



Paragon Security’s professionals were immediately called in to fix the problem.  After the stranded truck was removed from the ruined cellar door, Paragon Security’s staff member, Dima, took to action.  Special harnesses were used to secure him as he plunged into the hole to install the brand new custom-built iron grate.   Just a day in the life of a Paragon Security staff member.



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