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Join us at our 24 West 8th Street location, Tuesdays between 2-6pm for Key Happy Hour and receive 20% OFF all key copies. Whether you have a standard key or a rare antique key, our key duplication experts can help you.

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Customer Needs Drive Security Innovation


This article written by Roie Telyas was originally published to the Brivo blog as Innovation Secures Our Future. Paragon is a proud retail provider of Brivo products. 

Innovation Secures Our Future

Customer needs drive every business, and this has never been more true than in the security and locksmith industry. As the world becomes more digital and fast-paced to accommodate our busy lives, the security industry has moved with it. The industry is shifting toward high-tech solutions. Cutting-edge security brands like Brivo work to keep homeowners and office managers ahead of the curve.

Mastering classic security measures has been a hallmark of successful businesses in the past, but combining them with electronic systems protects us from unwanted guests in the digital age. High-tech security solutions aren’t just for corporations in summer blockbusters—they are very real, and very affordable for homeowners too.

When it comes in full force, the Internet of Things will revolutionize the way that we protect our homes and offices. It will become an era of unprecedented interconnectivity. What will it look like? You don’t need to guess—you can already find advanced security and locksmith products on the market.

Wireless locks add convenience

Don’t you want a key that only you can use? That’s what wireless locks do—they recognize your digital signature as you approach, meaning that you choose exactly who can access your building who cannot.

Say goodbye to changing your lock every time someone loses a key! This innovation is here to stay because it keeps us a few steps ahead of unauthorized visitors.

Wireless locks are among the most common and reliable digital security products available, as natural extensions for low-tech locks. They can unlock as you approach and automatically lock behind you while you carry groceries inside, as well as letting only certain people inside based on the corresponding authorization on your phone or keychain. They’re as important as traditional locks now, intertwining security for the home and the personal device. When everything is connected, everything needs to be secure.

Cloud-based cameras provide peace of mind

Not everyone lives according to the popular 9-5 schedule, and those who do can’t always spend much time at home. Monitoring our safest places can give us the security we need when we can’t be there in person. Even low-tech offices frequently have affordable cloud-based cameras installed in the event of a theft, altercation, or vandalism. Setting up a cloud-based camera gives you added layers of security, accountability, and the ability to respond quickly during emergencies.

Connect to your workplace computer and even your phone with real-time updates of the camera feed. This is particularly useful to keep tabs on teens, shops, or even just to secure your home while away on vacation.

Access control systems

Its real value is in having control over your home, whether it’s for an intercom system, the temperature, or security. These systems bring every facet of your home in front of you like a dashboard. When it comes to security, you need to have all the details in front of you. They work with wireless locks, cloud-based cameras, and your devices, all of which will connect our homes to the Internet of Things in the near future.

Access control systems don’t just rely on physical keys as we know them, either. Installing one can change the very way you access your home and everything in it. They work with facial recognition, key codes, fingerprints, card keys, and even proximity readers. Most of these measures can’t be stolen or illegally copied like physical keys, making them the next logical step in security.

Installing even one of these security features goes a long way toward protecting your home or office. Customer needs drive the industry, and those needs call for security measures that can’t be faked, stolen, or duplicated.


Brivo Inc. is the worldwide leader of cloud-based physical access control systems. Currently servicing over eight million users, the company’s award-winning Brivo OnAir® provides unmatched scalability and centralized security management for global enterprises, while retaining the ease of use for small and medium sized customers. The Brivo OnAir security management system is unique in providing combined access and video management in a single cloud platform. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Brivo was founded in 1999.

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Locked Out Stories Of NYC

locked out stories NYC

My neighbor locked herself out of the house, and her family was on a vacation. She knocked on my door looking for help. I found Paragon Security & Locksmith on Citysearch and called them. 25 minutes later, Roy their technician arrived and opened the door in just a few minutes… (citisearch)

I got locked out of my apartment coming back from school. I found a locksmith business card at the building’s lobby so I called the number. Funny how you always find these things to be a nuisance until you need one. I called the 24 hr Emergency Locksmith number and the technician came right away and opened my door in a few minutes. The price was reasonable and response very quick!

Locked out late at night. No fun. Called my local locksmith. They were able to get me back into my place pretty quickly. and without any damage to my old lock! (citisearch)

 As a resident of New York City, I’ve heard horror stories about locksmith. Then one night I suddenly found myself locked late at night. I called a 24 hour Locksmith named Paragon to get my car door unlocked. It was a good call! Fair pricing and they were in and out..I would recommend! (yelp)

I got locked out of my apartment at 4pm on New Year’s Eve! Un-showered! In my pajamas (+ coat)! Frantic, I ran over to Paragon and they were thankfully still open & able to help me out no problem. I walked back to my building where I was met by Tal, who opened my lock in literally under 5 minutes. No need to break the lock, no damage at all. It was seriously amazing.

Getting locked out of your home on NYE certainly is not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination, but I probably had the best experience anyone could’ve hoped for given the circumstances.

 -Shirah | Manhattan NY (yelp)

I have wanted to learn three skills since the time I was three — magic, locks and photography. But having now aged ten times over, I have little if any progress to report on all but one. I thus found myself in the position of having to pay for my shortcoming last weekend, when I injudiciously locked myself out of my apartment, with no one else to blame for the act but my jetlag and being out of touch with apartment living, both as a result of my recent travels.

Unfortunately for me, our multi-talented building super, who could reputably break in with some effort, was off at Sunday mass. I contacted a locksmith in Tribeca, who told me to sit tight and a dispatcher would call me in 30 minutes.

As I waited for the call, my attempts at using a credit card to unlock the door proved futile, although they showed promise from time to time. The dispatcher called as promised and a young locksmith arrived. He had to drill a hole in the cylinder to break the lock. The next time this happens, I will hopefully have learned to break in by myself.

-Srini | Manhattan NY (yelp)

Saved from a cold night! There is nothing worse than being locked out of your apartment . I had a long day of work get to the door and no keys. So I checked the same pocket 25 times and realized I lost my keys. I called Paragon and they were out faster than Dominos Pizza. The guy, I forget his name was very friendly and opened the apartment in a Jiffy.

-Christopher | Manhattan NY (yelp)

I lost my bag with my wallet and keys in it. The hour was late and I didn’t really know what to do. I found a card stuck to my mailbox. I called and after a very short time a technician came and opened the door for me. Since I have some experience in the matter I was afraid that he was going to drill my lock and then charge some ridiculous price for installing a new one. But that was not the case.

The technician that arrived at my apartment tried to open without drilling first and succeeded doing so. Eventually I ended up only paying for the lockout service and emergency fee which was less than a quarter of what I would have ended up paying if he had drilled the lock. I was so happy that I left the technician a large tip. Fairness is priceless.

-Rachel | Manhattan (citisearch)

Broken front door key issue – My key got stuck in the front door lock and when I tried to force it out I broke it. the Paragon technician that rushed to the scene drilled the old lock out and managed to replace the old cylinder with a new one and match it to my spare so the rest of the tenants in my building don’t have to get new keys. Great job paragon, very professional and fast service.

-Yoni (citisearch)

There is nothing more annoying than getting back home after a night at the pub and realizing you don’t have your keys with you. The doorman gave me the number for Paragon security and locksmith 24/7 emergency service. 20 minutes later I was in bad. Good night and cheers!

-Anthony (citisearch)

Last weekend one of my tenants broke her key while trying to open the buildings front door. The super called me and said he had to keep the back exit open in order for people to have access to the building. I called the guy who handles my building’s doors and such and he was nowhere to be found. Rather disappointing I have to say. A friend suggested I’d call Paragon security since they provide 24 hour services. 20 minutes later the problem was resolved. The technician even rekeyed the new cylinder he had to install to match the existing keys so I don’t have to get new keys for all of my tenants. Something is telling me that I’ll be switching over to work with Paragon from now on.

-Olivia (citisearch)

My mom got herself locked in her apartment. While trying to get her out I managed to break the key inside the keyhole so I couldn’t open the apartment from the outside. I called paragon and soon after a technician came over and drilled out the old cylinder. He recommended replacing it with a Mul-t-lock. And so we did. We were very pleased with how fast the technician made it to my mom’s apartment and he was very good at explaining our options to us prior to starting the job. Once we agreed on an option and a price he started working and in less than 20 minutes my mom was out again and a new cylinder was installed.

-Chris (citisearch)


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Innovative Security Solutions For Personal Property Safety

Ongoing advances in surveillance, access control and a number of other tools are driving innovation and pushing capabilities beyond their traditional limit.

Residential Security Transformations
Home and apartment security systems are undergoing accelerated evolution due largely to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other advanced mobile gadgets. The emergence of next-generation mobile devices has provided homeowners and other residential decision-makers with advanced monitoring capabilities, allowing individuals to check in on their property at any time.

While many technologies are contributing to the growing home security industry, the proliferation of integrated security systems, which provide decision-makers with access to multiple solutions via a single interface, is among the most significant. This is because unified solutions enable homeowners to monitor and make adjustments to their security solutions from virtually anywhere.

Although residential security are seeing a boost, they are not be the only segment security growing.

Access Control Gets Personal
Imagine having the ability to identify people by characteristics that cannot be changed, including physical appearances or behavioral tendencies. These technologies, called biometrics, exist today and are increasingly being incorporated into access control systems for authentication purposes.

While near-field communications (NFC) technologies on smartphones are often more convenient for access control than traditional lock and key solutions, they are still vulnerable, as smartphones can be lost. A fingerprint, on the other hand, is always available and cannot be duplicated, minimizing the chance of fraud.

A report by Global Industry Analysts confirmed that biometrics is the fastest-growing segment of the expanding access control market, increasing at a CAGR of more than 13 percent through 2017. The overall access control industry, on the other hand, is slated to generate more than $14 billion by the same time.

Surveillance Meets Advanced Computing
In addition to access control and residential security tools experiencing change, video surveillance will also get a boost from the increased deployment of cloud-based and network cameras. These transformations will be ongoing as both the private and consumer landscape get more familiar and comfortable with cloud computing technologies.

As cloud and other IP cameras continue to mature, decision-makers across industries will be encouraged to adopt the solutions to enhance video quality, reduce costs and simplify maintenance processes.

Next year will be a monumental year for a number of technologies both in and outside the private sector. By planning ahead and implementing next-generation policies and procedures, companies and homeowners may deploy advanced solutions without delay or problems. In doing so, they may use innovative solutions to keep sensitive and other personal property safe without spending too much, which will remain important as the macroeconomic crisis carries on unabated.

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New security devices in Nebraska schools

According to a recent article in, the North Bend Central School District has started using a high-tech surveillance system with security cameras and video surveillance to help protect the school children and decrease incidents of vandalism.

The school buildings are a part of one of the most advanced integrated security systems available. Access control systems allow the appropriate personnel and students admittance to all buildings. Instead of having to rely on someone to be available with a key, the doors are programmed to automatically lock and unlock based on the school schedule. The times can be changed as often as desired to accommodate evening meetings or times outside of the normal school hours.

The employees will use card readers to let themselves in and out of the building. If their employment status changes, their readers can be remotely deactivated. There are discreet dome network cameras inside of the school and fixed network cameras to provide security footage of the outside perimeter of the building.

Take the steps to ensure that your family and properties are safe. Paragon Security NYC provides advanced access control security solutions for both residential and commercial establishments.

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Upgrading Security in Camden High Schools

The Camden City School District has unveiled $1.4 million high-tech security systems at Camden and Woodrow Wilson high schools just in time for the new school year.

Students will be much safer thanks to new, high-resolution digital security cameras and security doors that require ID swipe cards to open, recently reported.

The technology, paid for with state and federal funding, is welcomed by students. About half of them reported feeling unsafe in recent surveys. The district reported 163 cases of violence, including 18 with weapons, during the 2012-13 academic year.

Each high school had more than 80 entry points and doors were often open. Each school will now allow access to fewer than 10 areas. An alarm system will sound if unauthorized doors are open and surveillance cameras will be monitored.

The plan aims to keep out intruders and unauthorized visitors while keeping students and staff safe so they can focus on academics rather than worrying about danger.

This kind of security monitoring is important not only in schools, but in other areas of the community as well. Call Paragon Security NYC for integrated security systems that provide access control for your home or business.

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Integrated Security Systems in Schools

safe schools

The security of children has become an increasingly important issue. That’s why even school districts have begun to opt for high-tech integrated security systems when allowing visitors to enter the property.

A story recently appeared on pertaining to the installation of such systems in New Hanover County schools. Video intercom systems have been linked to security cameras, which allows someone monitoring CCTV to monitor access control to the buildings.

This is especially important for areas where the youngest of children, such as those in kindergarten, reside.

These systems allow for visitors to be stopped at the entrance. Cameras can then monitor them as someone monitoring the camera verifies the individual’s identity. They can then allow or deny them access, which disables visitors from accessing the school until they are authorized.

The idea behind this implementation is that it will increase the security to children and staff members.

Savvy businesses and homeowners interested in this same cutting-edge technology are making use of these systems to keep their persons and their property safe from unwanted intruders.

Paragon Security NYC is one of the leading providers of advanced security solutions such as integrated security systems for both residential and commercial establishments.

Contact Paragon Security NYC today for more information on how these systems can protect you.

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Biometric pet finder

There is a new biometric device that will silence even the most biting of critics: According to a story recently published on, a biometric access control app can help you find your lost pet. The app is known as Finding Rover, and it allows animal shelters to send photos of dogs to an online database.

Each image is run through a software program which measures the eight distinctive dog biometrics that are unique to every dog, such as the size of the eyes and positioning of the snout. This allows pet professionals to use an ordinary smart phone as a biometric reader.

Back at home, distraught owners submit snapshots of their missing dogs, and facial markers from the snapshots are compared to measurements in the lost dog database created by the Finding Rover app. When a match is found, a happy reunion is an email away.

Right now Finding Rover is available only in San Diego County. The response so far has been tremendous and the owners are seeking funds to make it a nationwide service.

Biometrics, like any technology, can be used with malicious intent. But they can also be used to advance causes as noble and universal as uniting man with his best friend.

Contact Paragon Security New York for information on the advanced uses of biometric devices.

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Upgrading Classroom Security

Safe School Week will be observed across the nation from October 19th to the 25th. This is the right time for schools to focus on what security procedures are most effective. Physical security needs to be a priority, as just controlling bullies is not enough.

According to a story published on, there needs to be an emphasis on classroom doors being properly secured, and California is now requiring schools to do that by establishing a baseline classroom security protocol. This requires that any room holding five people and over be equipped with security locks.

These locks come in electrical and mechanical forms, and are ideal for school lockdowns plus preventing hallway clashes from entering a classroom. Keys are used to lock a cylinder within the door, thus preventing entry from the outside. Classroom occupants can exit the room immediately by turning a lever. This prevents students or anyone not authorized from locking a door.

Schools have sometimes used security measures that have turned out to be ineffective or counterproductive. Problems are most likely to happen within the school, instead of from an intruder.

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Tell-Tale Cameras

Although the economy has begun to rebound and companies are hiring, homeowners and business owners still face a real threat of being burglarized. However, people are not alone when it comes to the protection of their facilities. Security cameras can play a vital role in taking care of watching a building.

According to, in a community near Fort Bend, Missouri, homeowners had surveillance cameras and video cameras installed on their property. Some of them were robbed, but they were able to provide police with video evidence. Although the crooks in several occasions left with valuables like game consoles, jewelry, cash and other items, they were caught on surveillance doing their wicked deeds. Once the police officers had the data from the cameras, they had a better idea how to proceed in the robbery cases.

The potential of having a burglary is real. People are welcome to contact Paragon Security NYC. These monitoring professionals have many years of experience. They can provide CCTV, security cameras or other devices that homeowners or business owners need for protection and peace of mind. They are able to answer difficult questions and are more than willing to stop by to give an estimate on installation services.

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Security Cameras in Alabama Schools

Recently, the Mobile County School System in Alabama has decided to expand the security in their elementary schools. This will not be done by police officers or security officers but rather by security cameras. According to a story recently published in, Mobile County middle and high schools have had security cameras since early 2000. The decision was made so that the students and teachers may feel a little safer and have more accountability.

Of course the surveillance cameras would not be installed in classrooms or restrooms but rather in the halls and outside to monitor things like possible fights or accidents in the parking lots. The electric company that installed the system will be monitoring the feed via CCTV 24/7.

Paragon Security NYC offers several security camera options and other security solutions for both commercial and residential establishments. For your peace of mind, contact them today.

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Surveillance in Syracuse

Video surveillance cameras are an important and increasingly helpful tool for homeowners as well as commercial establishments. Luckily, according to a story recently published on, there are some dedicated and skillful neighbors who are installing security cameras for free in order for the cost to be practical for low income residents who cannot afford to have them professionally installed.

The Syracuse Police Department has itself installed over 40 surveillance cameras since 2011, but, at a cost of $10,000 per camera, the technology unfortunately has not been able to extend into many neighborhoods that have requested one.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) usually applies to surveillance cameras that transmit signals to a limited number of monitors at a specific place.

Resident Bob Korzuch says that monitoring these cameras can even be done on one’s smart phone while you are away from home, and he also uses a smart phone app to check the security camera of an elderly neighbor.

Paragon Security NYC offers a wide array of security and surveillance cameras for residential and commercial establishments and would be happy to discuss with you what your particular requirements are.

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