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Paragon Promotions

Paragon Security & Locksmith has some special promotions for our clients. Read more below and get in touch to take advantage of these offers.

Moving Special. Get 10% Off New Lock Work

As a densely populated metropolitan environment, New York City features a variety of high-rise buildings, condos, brownstones, townhouses, and multi-resident homes. It’s important to seek a qualified, locally trusted security provider to assist in changing the locks and establishing a solid foundation of home protection specific to the unique security challenges of your building or […]

Winter Is Here, Are Your Locks & Doors Ready?

A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way When it comes to locks and door systems, the key to avoiding costly problems lies in preventive maintenance. Especially during the cold winter months, when we rely most on our locks and doors to help keep us warm, protect us from snow, wind, and fire, secure us from […]

Free Keyless Access System For 1000 NYC Residential Buildings

A New Way Of Thinking In traditional access systems, buildings were forced to install entire closets of equipment, cables, internet modem, and a multitude of card readers to complete a functional system. Latch changes all of this by designing a cloud-based stand-alone proximity reader with a built-in camera, Latch R. This new way of thinking […]

We’re On The Move In November!

Paragon Security’s New Home: 24 West 8th St., NY NY Once Every 20 Years As one of New York’s leading locksmith and security companies, Paragon has been operating from the same location at 86 Christopher Street NY, NY 10014 in the West Village, Manhattan for more than 20 years. The move to 8th St. in […]

PLAY IT SAFE Paragon #NYSafeSpace Giveaway

  PLAY IT SAFE THIS FEBRUARY! CLICK HERE to Sign up and UNLOCK your FREE Maser Lock Combo Padlock*. Plus earn 1 Entry into the Paragon #NYSafeSpace GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY on 2/29/16. Increase your chances of winning. Earn extra entries when you Share, Share, Share! Share This:

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