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Upgrading Security in Camden High Schools

The Camden City School District has unveiled $1.4 million high-tech security systems at Camden and Woodrow Wilson high schools just in time for the new school year.

Students will be much safer thanks to new, high-resolution digital security cameras and security doors that require ID swipe cards to open, recently reported.

The technology, paid for with state and federal funding, is welcomed by students. About half of them reported feeling unsafe in recent surveys. The district reported 163 cases of violence, including 18 with weapons, during the 2012-13 academic year.

Each high school had more than 80 entry points and doors were often open. Each school will now allow access to fewer than 10 areas. An alarm system will sound if unauthorized doors are open and surveillance cameras will be monitored.

The plan aims to keep out intruders and unauthorized visitors while keeping students and staff safe so they can focus on academics rather than worrying about danger.

This kind of security monitoring is important not only in schools, but in other areas of the community as well. Call Paragon Security NYC for integrated security systems that provide access control for your home or business.

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Integrated Security Systems in Schools

safe schools

The security of children has become an increasingly important issue. That’s why even school districts have begun to opt for high-tech integrated security systems when allowing visitors to enter the property.

A story recently appeared on pertaining to the installation of such systems in New Hanover County schools. Video intercom systems have been linked to security cameras, which allows someone monitoring CCTV to monitor access control to the buildings.

This is especially important for areas where the youngest of children, such as those in kindergarten, reside.

These systems allow for visitors to be stopped at the entrance. Cameras can then monitor them as someone monitoring the camera verifies the individual’s identity. They can then allow or deny them access, which disables visitors from accessing the school until they are authorized.

The idea behind this implementation is that it will increase the security to children and staff members.

Savvy businesses and homeowners interested in this same cutting-edge technology are making use of these systems to keep their persons and their property safe from unwanted intruders.

Paragon Security NYC is one of the leading providers of advanced security solutions such as integrated security systems for both residential and commercial establishments.

Contact Paragon Security NYC today for more information on how these systems can protect you.

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Tell-Tale Cameras

Although the economy has begun to rebound and companies are hiring, homeowners and business owners still face a real threat of being burglarized. However, people are not alone when it comes to the protection of their facilities. Security cameras can play a vital role in taking care of watching a building.

According to, in a community near Fort Bend, Missouri, homeowners had surveillance cameras and video cameras installed on their property. Some of them were robbed, but they were able to provide police with video evidence. Although the crooks in several occasions left with valuables like game consoles, jewelry, cash and other items, they were caught on surveillance doing their wicked deeds. Once the police officers had the data from the cameras, they had a better idea how to proceed in the robbery cases.

The potential of having a burglary is real. People are welcome to contact Paragon Security NYC. These monitoring professionals have many years of experience. They can provide CCTV, security cameras or other devices that homeowners or business owners need for protection and peace of mind. They are able to answer difficult questions and are more than willing to stop by to give an estimate on installation services.

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Security Cameras in Alabama Schools

Recently, the Mobile County School System in Alabama has decided to expand the security in their elementary schools. This will not be done by police officers or security officers but rather by security cameras. According to a story recently published in, Mobile County middle and high schools have had security cameras since early 2000. The decision was made so that the students and teachers may feel a little safer and have more accountability.

Of course the surveillance cameras would not be installed in classrooms or restrooms but rather in the halls and outside to monitor things like possible fights or accidents in the parking lots. The electric company that installed the system will be monitoring the feed via CCTV 24/7.

Paragon Security NYC offers several security camera options and other security solutions for both commercial and residential establishments. For your peace of mind, contact them today.

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Introducing: exacqVision 6.2

Exacq Technologies Inc., leading developer of open architecture, Video Management System (VMS) solutions for security and surveillance applications, has introduced exacqVision 6.2, the latest release of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS) software.

exacqVision 6.2 includes:


  • Permanently save and label important video
  • Easily find bookmarked video
  • Available in exacqVision Professional and Enterprise versions

Case Management – organize bookmarks into “cases”

  • Give your case a name and description
  • Add and remove bookmarks from cases
  • Available in exacqVision Enterprise version


  • Easy online tech support creation and diagnostics upload from the exacqVision client

Client Scalability

  • 2X faster client startup
  • Connect to hundreds of servers dramatically faster


  • Powerful search capability finds suspicious transactions like high value voids and returns
  • Easily configure POS and ATM data interfaces

IP Camera Integration for over 1,900 Camera Models Including:

  • Illustra 825 Fisheye client-side dewarping
  • Illustra 625 PTZ Pattern and Peel support
  • Samsung multi-streaming
  • Samsung SNF-7010 fisheye client-side dewarping
  • Bosch and JVC multi-streaming support
  • Sony 6th generation VMF, facial detection and presence detection support
  • DSC and Dahua models added

​exacqVision Web and Mobile Client now supports:

  • Thumbnail Search
  • Timeline Search

Enterprise System Manager 2.6

  • Email rules engine simplified
  • User interface improvements
  • User preferences saved

Contact Paragon Security NYC to find out more information about exacqVision 6.2 and about Exacq Technologies advanced security solutions.

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Cat, Dog, Camera…

The video went viral, and odds are you have already heard about or seen it after it appeared in multiple reputable news sources since its release.

Caught on a simple, home surveillance camera, we see an attack. But the perpetrator was not at all who you would expect, and won’t soon be taken to court. It was none other than a neighborhood dog. Without this security camera running, the world may never have gotten to witness the heroic cat who saved a young, California boy from this attack.

As the boy plays outside, we can see the dog from different angles approaching him. The dog makes contact, as a cat runs out from the direction of the home, warding off the dog and ultimately saving the boy.

There’s no telling when something unusual will happen around your home. Be ready to capture anything. Paragon Security NYC offers the top CCTV (or closed-circuit television) cameras so that you can monitor what is going on around your house.

These cameras, used for surveillance purposes, can help you to feel safer in your home and its surrounding areas. Don’t let one minute go by where you don’t know what’s going on around you. From attempted burglaries to car break-ins to animal attacks, a CCTV surveillance camera will catch it all.

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Burglar alarm to the rescue

A recent news story published on gives proof of how important it is to have alarm system monitoring. A burglar alarm system helped catch a suspect in a home invasion.

The alarm system alerted the homeowner that his burglar alarm had gone off. He was nearby and rushed home to find three people running from his house. Although the robbers fled the scene, the victim was able to inform deputies that he recognized one of the suspects. That burglar was questioned and arrested.

Burglar alarm systems have become very popular as people want to protect their homes, family, belongings and businesses. Sometimes it just takes the correct security system to scare off possible intruders when the burglars see the logo details of the security company on your windows or doors, or notice a surveillance camera. They would rather go to a different home or business which is not as well protected.

You are welcome to contact Paragon Security NYC for more information about how the installation of one of their wide variety of alarm systems is an essential element for the security of your home or your commercial establishment.

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Closed-circuit television system catches man defiling bicycle

A Swedish man looking to determine who was slashing his bicycle's tires at night got more than he expected when he found another criminal act caught on his closed-circuit television system: a man making love to the two-wheeled machine.

The man posted the video in question to Youtube according to the New York Daily News, in which the man slashed the tires and proceeded to defile the bicycle, in an attempt to find who was responsible for the act.

While what the man found was an extreme example, CCTV installation can be a cheap and effective crime deterrent. If the camera is placed in a central location, thieves will be much less likely to take the risk of getting caught. Even if they make off with the goods, the video recorded will give users and police a much easier time when it comes to tracking down the perpetrator.

Additionally, having a CCTV system can provide added security as the feed can be viewed in real time, allowing viewers to know when they're in danger. While confronting a thief may not be the best idea, being able to protect yourself with advanced warning, including calling the police, can make it a very worthwhile investment.

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Surveillance cameras and law enforcement

Video surveillance systems can be an important tool for police officers trying to find perpetrators responsible for committing crimes against the public. In Newark, Ohio, for example, the use of surveillance cameras helped local law enforcement officers identify and locate the individual allegedly responsible for a sexual assault that was reported at Newark High School on October 9, according to a report by the Newark Advocate.

Lead investigator Detective Steve Vanoy of the Newark Division of Police said the surveillance system at a local convenience store was an important tool that helped his team recognize 19-year-old Zakary Neldon, who was indicted on rape, kidnapping and robbery charges, the Newark Advocate reported.

"[Camera footage was] how we were able to identify him," Vanoy said, according to the news provider. "Anytime we're able to get video on any type of investigation, it's helpful. The quality wasn't very good, but you could see a couple people walking by in the time frame that made sense."

Surveillance cameras help local law enforcement
The ability to identify individuals at a specific time and place is one of the biggest benefits video surveillance cameras provide local authorities, Picking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt told the Newark Advocate. By using footage, individuals can often determine what someone was wearing and if it matches any witness accounts to help officers develop a person-of-interest category.

Other characteristics, such as a person's gait, can also help local authorities create a list of suspects.

"You can't do much anymore without being recorded somewhere," Captain Dave Starling of the Licking County Sheriff's Office said. "The more people that have [surveillance cameras], the more businesses that have them, the more likely we are able to piece something together."

Avoiding surveillance controversy
The abundance of surveillance cameras among law enforcement was echoed in another report by Smart Planet, which said the devices are all over the place and can help police officers deter crime more effectively. However, the prevalence of surveillance solutions has also introduced some privacy concerns that need to be tackled if the tools are to be used legally and without controversy.

Sharon Bradford Franklin of The Constitution Project, which created a report on surveillance cameras and their impact on privacy, said many communities have deployed the systems without first establishing or even considering policy. As a result, the law is trying to play catch up with a technology that is constantly evolving.

In many cases, the publicized success stories of law enforcement agencies using surveillance to catch criminals has not done much to deter altercations. In other words, it is important that municipalities create a clear set of usage policies that the general public can understand.

"If you have a camera you set up to monitor City Hall, that camera should not be able to pan, tilt and zoom so it can look into the windows of the apartment building next door," Bradford Franklin said, according to Smart Planet.

By planning policies and implementing high-quality solutions in places with high crime rates, for example, police and investigators may be able to identify and locate criminals without inducing the fear that Big Brother is watching everything everywhere. If surveillance cameras are installed in places with not much crime, on the other hand, the public may get the wrong idea.

When authorities carefully navigate controversial plans to install surveillance systems, the public can feel safe knowing they are not being unlawfully watched by local law enforcement but can still be monitored at times when they are more vulnerable to crime.

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Report: Remote monitoring revenues exceeded $29 billion in 2011

The advent of cloud computing and mobile devices has changed the security landscape forever, allowing individuals to gain remote access to surveillance cameras and other solutions. A new report by IMS Research confirmed this trend, noting that the market for remote monitoring services generated more than $29 billion in revenue for 2011.

The report noted that 54 million customer locations were provided with alarm, surveillance and physical access control system monitoring in 2011. The United States represented the majority of this market, accounting for 45 percent of global revenues, while other regions, such as the U.K., Spain and Japan, also represented significant portions.

"The penetration of remote monitoring services varies significantly between different countries and regions," said Niall Jenkins, report author and analyst at IMS Research. "For example, the U.S. residential alarm monitoring market has a penetration of between 20 and 25 percent of all residential buildings, while the residential market in Germany was estimated to be less than 200,000 accounts."

The research firm noted that there are many reasons for such drastic differences between countries, including economic constraints and the overall perception of crime. Service provider pricing variations and building locations also drive executive decisions whether to implement remote monitoring technologies.

"In less developed countries, the lower cost of manned guarding can also act to limit uptake," Jenkins said. "In extreme examples, a lack of trust in the police force can drive customers to include manned guard response in their service agreement, hence increasing the RMR generated on the account."

A separate report by Memoori Research revealed that the market for physical security solutions is on the rise, as it generated more than $19 billion in revenue in 2011 and is expected to continue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 3.7 percent during the next five years. Despite the ongoing economic crisis, decision-makers across sectors see the benefit of implementing integrated security systems that protect assets from malicious individuals.

The prospect of theft and destruction of property continues to drive spending in the security market, while IP and mobile solutions allow for more advanced capabilities, like remote monitoring. As decision-makers around the world embrace strategies to counteract potential security issues, the ability to remotely monitor surveillance cameras and other technologies will become increasingly important.

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Louisiana city deploys false alarm ordinance

Since a large portion of calls that the police department in Alexandria, Louisiana, respond to turn out to be false, the city is beginning to enforce an ordinance that has been talked about for some time. The new law will require business and residential buildings with alarm systems to register them with the city, according to a report by the Town Talk.

“We respond to about 6,000 to 7,000 false alarms a year,” Alexandria Police chief Loren Lampert said, according to the news source. “We get about 60,000 call-outs a year. So that means 10 percent of them are false alarms.”

With each response costing the agency roughly $50, taxpayers are paying more than $300,000 each year on average for the police department to respond to false alarms, the Town Talk said. The law imposes a fine on those who experience three or more false alarms each year. If the business or homeowner calls the police agency and reports the incident is false, however, it does not count as a strike.

Since the ordinance was deployed several months ago, the city has been seeing some encouraging results, as Lambert noted there was roughly a 31 percent reduction in incidents in June 2012 compared to June 2011. This trend also equaled about $8,000 in savings, the Town Talk reported.

According to a separate report by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, most false alarms in 2011 were caused by failing to disarm security systems correctly.

By registering alarms and calling in unintentional incidents, Alexandria law enforcement and emergency response officials will be able to save money and operate more efficiently by only responding to real situations.

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DIY monitored alarm solutions give homeowners peace of mind

While there are a lot of residences with complex and integrated security systems that tie together multiple alarm solutions, many homeowners don't want to pay an additional fee for a trusted third party to monitor its appliances. As a result, many home security systems are not as effective as they could be at deterring crime.

Advancements in the security industry, however, may make it easier for homeowners to ensure their defensive tools are working properly. A new solution from PhantomLink, for example, gives decision-makers the opportunity to leverage a do-it-yourself monitoring appliance that allows individuals to remotely check up on their home security systems.

The monitoring appliance lets homeowners observe their home's video surveillance system and other general alarm systems via web, email and text messages. The device automatically sends status updates on virtually any type of security solution, giving consumers peace of mind that their protective tools are effectively keeping intruders out.

According to a separate report by Global Industry Analysts, this solution and similar products will contribute to the growing monitored alarm system market, which is forecast to generate more than $43 billion in revenue by 2015.

By deploying innovative monitoring solutions, homeowners can be sure security systems are doing their job.

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