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Life Hacks

Read more for some security Life Hacks for NYC residents!

How to Unfreeze Frozen Locks

  Throughout the cold and often too long winter season in NYC, it is no surprise that 24-hour emergency locksmith services experience a significant increase in calls due to frozen locks. Ranging from cars, trucks, and boat locks to retail storefronts, office buildings and front door locks, freezing rain, and snow can freeze even the […]

Life Hacks And Key Repurposing

ARTIST SHOWS WHAT TO DO WITH OLD KEYS AND COINS Story of Everythingz provides stunning video story of recycled art made from keys and coins.     EASY SOLUTION FOR ADDING KEYS TO KEY RING This Key Life Hack from BuildDotCom is a real nail saver! HOW TO MAKE A LEGO KEY HOLDER How to […]

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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