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Security Systems Integration In Real Estate Development


Innovations in digital technology and security make it possible for cities like New York to keep ahead of the curve. Paragon has been busy the last 3 years integrating new systems into real estate development projects. Systems with mobile capabilities are the #1 seller to new developments. As the real estate market strengthens, developers are looking to give buyers and renters more for their money and IOT integrations have been a simple but effective upgrade in quality of life.

Keyless Entry Offers Convenience

Keyless locks like SmartAir from Mul-T-Lock and Latch are being installed in a range of properties, from East Village walk-ups to luxury doorman rentals. Also known as smart locks, they combine the convenience of keyless entry with sleek styling and enhanced control. Building entrances and apartment doors can be controlled remotely via mobile app. Allowing users to remotely control the lock and provide access to guests from anywhere.

Latch Offers Modern Access

Latch is the first smart access product designed for the mortise lock format, the trusted choice for commercial buildings. Latch has an industry standard mortise cartridge at its core, designed to meet and exceed every project requirement. Whether you’re specifying a product for a new building or retrofitting your existing doors, Latch offers a sleek contemporary take on the classic mortise lock.

SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock

SMARTair™ from Mul-T-Lock is an outstanding, modern High-Security solution, combining exceptional quality with appealing convenience and stylish design. It is ideal for a wide range of organizations and businesses. SMARTair is friendly from the start, offering extra-easy installation that does away with costly and complex procedures. SMARTair™ customers are convinced that replacing a lost card is much cheaper than replacing a key. And it can be done quicker. SMARTair™ access control doors can simply be reprogrammed. There is no need to replace locks and cylinders. Wireless SMARTair™ access control doors are more cost effective than standard wired access controlled doors.

Intercom Innovations Offer Control

Intercom systems that ring only at your mobile with video, voice and door release features enables end users to leave messages at the front door, record an image of every visitor and see and talk to every delivery person from anywhere mobile service 3G or wifi.

Stay tuned for many more exciting features driving security to the new and smart application base.

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Customer Needs Drive Security Innovation


This article written by Roie Telyas was originally published to the Brivo blog as Innovation Secures Our Future. Paragon is a proud retail provider of Brivo products. 

Innovation Secures Our Future

Customer needs drive every business, and this has never been more true than in the security and locksmith industry. As the world becomes more digital and fast-paced to accommodate our busy lives, the security industry has moved with it. The industry is shifting toward high-tech solutions. Cutting-edge security brands like Brivo work to keep homeowners and office managers ahead of the curve.

Mastering classic security measures has been a hallmark of successful businesses in the past, but combining them with electronic systems protects us from unwanted guests in the digital age. High-tech security solutions aren’t just for corporations in summer blockbusters—they are very real, and very affordable for homeowners too.

When it comes in full force, the Internet of Things will revolutionize the way that we protect our homes and offices. It will become an era of unprecedented interconnectivity. What will it look like? You don’t need to guess—you can already find advanced security and locksmith products on the market.

Wireless locks add convenience

Don’t you want a key that only you can use? That’s what wireless locks do—they recognize your digital signature as you approach, meaning that you choose exactly who can access your building who cannot.

Say goodbye to changing your lock every time someone loses a key! This innovation is here to stay because it keeps us a few steps ahead of unauthorized visitors.

Wireless locks are among the most common and reliable digital security products available, as natural extensions for low-tech locks. They can unlock as you approach and automatically lock behind you while you carry groceries inside, as well as letting only certain people inside based on the corresponding authorization on your phone or keychain. They’re as important as traditional locks now, intertwining security for the home and the personal device. When everything is connected, everything needs to be secure.

Cloud-based cameras provide peace of mind

Not everyone lives according to the popular 9-5 schedule, and those who do can’t always spend much time at home. Monitoring our safest places can give us the security we need when we can’t be there in person. Even low-tech offices frequently have affordable cloud-based cameras installed in the event of a theft, altercation, or vandalism. Setting up a cloud-based camera gives you added layers of security, accountability, and the ability to respond quickly during emergencies.

Connect to your workplace computer and even your phone with real-time updates of the camera feed. This is particularly useful to keep tabs on teens, shops, or even just to secure your home while away on vacation.

Access control systems

Its real value is in having control over your home, whether it’s for an intercom system, the temperature, or security. These systems bring every facet of your home in front of you like a dashboard. When it comes to security, you need to have all the details in front of you. They work with wireless locks, cloud-based cameras, and your devices, all of which will connect our homes to the Internet of Things in the near future.

Access control systems don’t just rely on physical keys as we know them, either. Installing one can change the very way you access your home and everything in it. They work with facial recognition, key codes, fingerprints, card keys, and even proximity readers. Most of these measures can’t be stolen or illegally copied like physical keys, making them the next logical step in security.

Installing even one of these security features goes a long way toward protecting your home or office. Customer needs drive the industry, and those needs call for security measures that can’t be faked, stolen, or duplicated.


Brivo Inc. is the worldwide leader of cloud-based physical access control systems. Currently servicing over eight million users, the company’s award-winning Brivo OnAir® provides unmatched scalability and centralized security management for global enterprises, while retaining the ease of use for small and medium sized customers. The Brivo OnAir security management system is unique in providing combined access and video management in a single cloud platform. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Brivo was founded in 1999.

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Smart Technology Improves Apartment Security In NYC


Managing and securing a high-rise apartment building in a major metropolis like New York City can be daunting. You have hundreds, possibly thousands, of people living in the same facility.  The nature of these types of properties is one in which diverse and strategically planned integrated security solutions are integral to protecting people, possessions and the property, making a combination of personnel and technology essential.

Balancing people and tech
When managing a large property the technological landscape can get extremely complex if you depend too heavily on technology to handle every aspect of identifying people who are authorized to enter different parts of the building. At the same time, there are also way too many people coming in and out to ask a receptionist or doorman to notice when somebody who shouldn’t be there tries to get into the building. Finding success in this area depends on being able to balance technology and personnel to complement one another and protect property.

This is especially clear at the initial point of entry. On one hand, you don’t just want to let anybody into the building. On the other, you can’t put too much into initial access control because you want tenants, their family members or their friends who are visiting to have relatively easy access to the building. As a result, it is often viable to not have locks or intercoms at the initial entry point and instead have a doorman outside and receptionist inside to identify anybody who looks suspicious or shows danger signs. Once this first entry area is taken care of, different access control systems can be applied to individual floors, stairwells or the elevator.

A good intercom system that lets residents “buzz” guests in can help too, but having a person present to supplement that system can be key in a property where you may have a variety of people going to an apartment, such as maids, delivery personnel, personal trainers or other individuals.

When it comes to access control, technologies like intercoms and advanced lock solutions are vital to protecting the property, but it often helps to also have people available to deal with unexpected circumstances or difficult issues.

Programmable locks
Electronic lock solutions that can be programmed to handle a variety of conditions can also be an asset in large apartment buildings. Using such locks, combined with key fobs, building managers can control who is able to go to different parts of the apartment building without authorization. For example, the system can be used to make sure tenants are only able to access the part of the storage area where there belongings are stored, making it easier to prevent theft of items while they are in storage.

This is another area where having personnel available can help ease any problems. If a person’s key fob malfunctions or they get locked out, having a security staff that recognizes residents can easily perform the actions necessary to let that person in.

Advanced security technologies give apartment building managers many opportunities for superior protection and security. When technology is used well alongside security employees, the overarching benefits can be considerable. Technological solutions can overcome the limitations of security workers and vice-versa, leading to an environment in which residents feel safe and building managers can be prepared for a variety of contingencies.

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Integrated security systems support long-term business growth

Companies of all sizes need to have advanced physical security systems if they want to remain safe from vandals, thieves and other malicious individuals. Unfortunately, a company's use of surveillance cameras and other fundamental tools may change over time as it expands in size and requires larger facilities with more areas to protect.

A recent report by SecurityInfoWatch noted that integrated security systems can be a good fit for a growing business. Physical security information management (PSIM) software, for example, allows executives to combine access control systems, video surveillance and other intrusion detection tools under a single umbrella, making management less complicated and more efficient.

PSIM is highly flexible, which is important for an expanding company. There are many reasons why a business may outgrow its current operations or simply lose the need to use a specific security application, including running out of space in the budget or finding that a specific product doesn't have the support the organization needs, SecurityInfoWatch noted.

Integrated security systems also make meeting compliance requirements much easier, as there is only one interface to deal with, rather than having to change a number of functions to avoid paying fines, according to the news source. Furthermore, a single system makes it easier for executives to respond to an incident, as they can use multiple tools to confirm or find the location of an event.

Raising awareness with integrated solutions
Non-integrated security systems make it more difficult for employees to recognize when an incident is taking place, as monitoring disparate applications on multiple screens can be a pain. If a security command center uses an integrated network of intrusion detection tools, however, executives can have an easier time discovering and addressing a situation, SecurityInfoWatch said. Furthermore, PSIM consolidates all resources to even a company with hundreds of surveillance cameras so it can use a single management interface.

A separate report by Frost & Sullivan noted that the PSIM market is largely driven by the adoption of IP solutions and the need to customize offerings to a company's unique demands. These trends are pushing the PSIM market to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 37 percent through 2015, at which time it will generate $544 million in revenue, up from only $80 million in 2009.

"While PSIM is seeing a higher degree of customization, coupled with increased connectivity, many market participants believe that PSIM functionality can or should be created with off-the-shelf software and not by customization options," said Matia Grossi, research manager at Frost & Sullivan. "It is anticipated that while the standardization process gains momentum, the need to provide customized solutions will remain dominant in the market."

The future of security management
As organizations of all sizes from all industries continue to demand advanced physical security and intrusion detection solutions, the decision to use one multifunctioning system will make more sense, especially as firms continue to struggle with the ongoing macroeconomic crisis. As the demand for integrated security systems increase, the prices for such tools will also be forced to drop so the market can remain competitive.

Most integrated security systems will provide decision-makers with complete oversight of their physical property and provide consistent responses to incidents. As a result, the use of disparate access control systems, surveillance cameras and other advanced tools will no longer be a cost-effective option.

If organizations want to have an effective security program, decision-makers need to consider implementing a unified system.

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Innovative Security Solutions For Personal Property Safety

Ongoing advances in surveillance, access control and a number of other tools are driving innovation and pushing capabilities beyond their traditional limit.

Residential Security Transformations
Home and apartment security systems are undergoing accelerated evolution due largely to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other advanced mobile gadgets. The emergence of next-generation mobile devices has provided homeowners and other residential decision-makers with advanced monitoring capabilities, allowing individuals to check in on their property at any time.

While many technologies are contributing to the growing home security industry, the proliferation of integrated security systems, which provide decision-makers with access to multiple solutions via a single interface, is among the most significant. This is because unified solutions enable homeowners to monitor and make adjustments to their security solutions from virtually anywhere.

Although residential security are seeing a boost, they are not be the only segment security growing.

Access Control Gets Personal
Imagine having the ability to identify people by characteristics that cannot be changed, including physical appearances or behavioral tendencies. These technologies, called biometrics, exist today and are increasingly being incorporated into access control systems for authentication purposes.

While near-field communications (NFC) technologies on smartphones are often more convenient for access control than traditional lock and key solutions, they are still vulnerable, as smartphones can be lost. A fingerprint, on the other hand, is always available and cannot be duplicated, minimizing the chance of fraud.

A report by Global Industry Analysts confirmed that biometrics is the fastest-growing segment of the expanding access control market, increasing at a CAGR of more than 13 percent through 2017. The overall access control industry, on the other hand, is slated to generate more than $14 billion by the same time.

Surveillance Meets Advanced Computing
In addition to access control and residential security tools experiencing change, video surveillance will also get a boost from the increased deployment of cloud-based and network cameras. These transformations will be ongoing as both the private and consumer landscape get more familiar and comfortable with cloud computing technologies.

As cloud and other IP cameras continue to mature, decision-makers across industries will be encouraged to adopt the solutions to enhance video quality, reduce costs and simplify maintenance processes.

Next year will be a monumental year for a number of technologies both in and outside the private sector. By planning ahead and implementing next-generation policies and procedures, companies and homeowners may deploy advanced solutions without delay or problems. In doing so, they may use innovative solutions to keep sensitive and other personal property safe without spending too much, which will remain important as the macroeconomic crisis carries on unabated.

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New security devices in Nebraska schools

According to a recent article in, the North Bend Central School District has started using a high-tech surveillance system with security cameras and video surveillance to help protect the school children and decrease incidents of vandalism.

The school buildings are a part of one of the most advanced integrated security systems available. Access control systems allow the appropriate personnel and students admittance to all buildings. Instead of having to rely on someone to be available with a key, the doors are programmed to automatically lock and unlock based on the school schedule. The times can be changed as often as desired to accommodate evening meetings or times outside of the normal school hours.

The employees will use card readers to let themselves in and out of the building. If their employment status changes, their readers can be remotely deactivated. There are discreet dome network cameras inside of the school and fixed network cameras to provide security footage of the outside perimeter of the building.

Take the steps to ensure that your family and properties are safe. Paragon Security NYC provides advanced access control security solutions for both residential and commercial establishments.

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Upgrading Security in Camden High Schools

The Camden City School District has unveiled $1.4 million high-tech security systems at Camden and Woodrow Wilson high schools just in time for the new school year.

Students will be much safer thanks to new, high-resolution digital security cameras and security doors that require ID swipe cards to open, recently reported.

The technology, paid for with state and federal funding, is welcomed by students. About half of them reported feeling unsafe in recent surveys. The district reported 163 cases of violence, including 18 with weapons, during the 2012-13 academic year.

Each high school had more than 80 entry points and doors were often open. Each school will now allow access to fewer than 10 areas. An alarm system will sound if unauthorized doors are open and surveillance cameras will be monitored.

The plan aims to keep out intruders and unauthorized visitors while keeping students and staff safe so they can focus on academics rather than worrying about danger.

This kind of security monitoring is important not only in schools, but in other areas of the community as well. Call Paragon Security NYC for integrated security systems that provide access control for your home or business.

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Integrated Security Systems in Schools

safe schools

The security of children has become an increasingly important issue. That’s why even school districts have begun to opt for high-tech integrated security systems when allowing visitors to enter the property.

A story recently appeared on pertaining to the installation of such systems in New Hanover County schools. Video intercom systems have been linked to security cameras, which allows someone monitoring CCTV to monitor access control to the buildings.

This is especially important for areas where the youngest of children, such as those in kindergarten, reside.

These systems allow for visitors to be stopped at the entrance. Cameras can then monitor them as someone monitoring the camera verifies the individual’s identity. They can then allow or deny them access, which disables visitors from accessing the school until they are authorized.

The idea behind this implementation is that it will increase the security to children and staff members.

Savvy businesses and homeowners interested in this same cutting-edge technology are making use of these systems to keep their persons and their property safe from unwanted intruders.

Paragon Security NYC is one of the leading providers of advanced security solutions such as integrated security systems for both residential and commercial establishments.

Contact Paragon Security NYC today for more information on how these systems can protect you.

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Access Control Systems at CSU

To strengthen security and safety at both the main campus and River Park campus, Columbus State University contracted with an outside security consultant to evaluate campus security operations. According to a story published in, several recommendations came from the security consultant and are leading to significant upgrades to the university’s integrated security systems. The upgrades should wrap up this summer.

CSU Police can now more efficiently monitor happenings on campus via access control systems and security cameras. Upgrades to the access control in buildings allows CSU Police to monitor and limit those who enter campus buildings and also remotely lock buildings if needed. Enhancements to the security camera system include real time video of campus activity, five megapixel cameras which can significantly zoom in to campus activity, stationary cameras, and also a portable high-definition camera which operates from Wi-Fi.

Security and safety on campuses, as well as in residential and commercial establishments, will always be a top concern for many. Paragon Security NYC offers a wide array of access control systems and devices to help keep NYC area establishments safe and secure.

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Additional security options to keep your home safer than ever

Home security systems aren't just limited to alarms on doors or windows anymore. Recent technological developments when it comes to security can include sensors, cameras and more to help keep your home safer than ever.

Multiple kinds of sensors can be added to a security system whether they come with installation or placed later. For example, voice control sensors can replace numerical keypads on your alarm system's central control hub, which means not only will you have the security of knowing intruders won't be able to trick its systems as easily, but you can switch that pesky numerical password you have to key in every time with an easy-to-remember spoken password.

Motion sensors can be installed as well, making sure that even if a thief were to successfully make it inside your house without tripping the system, it would notice the motion and alert authorities. Worried about your pets setting it off unnecessarily? Don't fret, as the system can be configured to only track certain parts of a house, and motion tracking often comes as an optional feature.

Houses with lots of glass windows and doors, even if an alarm system is put into place, can be broken into if a criminal were to break the glass to enter. Luckily, it's possible to add sensors that can go off when they sense a window or door has been broken, an additional layer of security for your home.

If you want to have an extra eye on your house to be safe and secure, installing cameras with Internet links can keep your family and possessions safe. You can gain access to the video feed if alerted, by connecting to a computer and even a smartphone, to see whether that open door was caused by your children coming home from school or an unwelcome visitor.

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Pet-friendly Alarm Systems

In order to have an effective home security system, you must make sure the motion detector installed is one that will go off in response to an actual threat and not the family dog or cat. You may think it is something difficult. How can a motion detector distinguish between a person moving about and a pet? The reality is, you can set up a pet-friendly alarm system in your home. Several different types are currently on the market. One of the more common types is the Passive Infrared Sensor. This alarm system will not trip when it picks up dogs as big as 100 pounds. Manufacturers of this product include Mace, Concox, Alean and Yale.

Even with a pet friendly alarm system, you still need to take precautions that your dog or cat will not set it off by accidentally pushing open a door or window. Always make sure those things are properly secured before leaving, and always make sure your access control system is properly set.

For proper instillation of a pet friendly alarm system, contact the experts at Paragon Security NY. Paragon is also the place to call should your home security system need repair.

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Consumer Use of Biometric Technology

In this day and age, biometrics are becoming integrated into more aspects of daily life, and play a significant role in businesses, homes, and even schools. For example, schools use biometric access control to ensure that certain persons who aren’t students or teachers verify their identity with biometrics to gain access to the school grounds. Access control is especially important for data centers which house sensitive data, as well as for hospital operating rooms where facial recognition safely ensures that physicians can enter and proceed to surgery without having to touch anything and risk infecting the patient. If you’re the owner of a retail department, distribution center or warehouse, it is also crucial to set up biometric access systems to baler rooms to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and putting them at risk for injury. Biometric devices can also function as attendance clocks, replacing the need to swipe cards.  By merely touching or looking at the access control device, employees can easlily check in and check out of their work place.

Some of the best commercial security systems and biometric reader systems in the industry are supplied by EnterTech Systems and Suprema. Their state-of-the-art products can be applied to any professional or home setting, and can integrate with smartphones for easy mobility. Paragon Security NY offers EnterTech and Suprema products and will install them in your home or business.

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