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The First Smartphone Video Intercom Platform: ButterflyMX


A Revolution in Intercoms

ButterflyMX™ was built from the ground up with developers, property managers and residents in mind. Our cloud-based intercom format is efficient, customizable, and cost effective, providing game-changing functionality to existing and new construction projects.

Plug & Go Connectivity

ButterflyMX™ is simple to install and maintain. Three basic connections are all that is required to get started. And our streamlined, 14×14″ footprint and weatherproof touch screen housing integrate seamlessly with existing PMS systems. Runs on 4 Connections: Internet, Door, 100v Power, Phone (Optional).

Two-way Video Intercom System at a Fraction of the Cost

ButterflyMX™ is more than just a state-of-the-art video intercom system; it’s a cost-saving tool for builders and developers. Instead of expensive legacy systems with significant hardware and installation costs, ButterflyMX™ replaces in-unit hardware with tenant Smart Phone Technology.

Securely Capture & Search All of Your Events in One Place

ButterflyMX™ offers a host of security focused features never available before, including the first ever database of door release events with a time/date stamp and picture of every visitor let in via the system. The building management tools are simple and easy to use. ButterflyMX™ allows property managers and residents to track activity and feel an extra level of comfort.

For Property Management

  • Easy to Manage
    Take control of all building intercom features via intuitive web portal for building managers. Communicate with residents easily by utilizing the building-wide messaging capability. Add tenants to the front entrance touch screen contact directory instantly or via an existing Property Management System (PMS).
  • Integrates with PMS System
    Database level integration with most PMSs allows for automatic updates to the ButterflyMX system Reduce data entry errors and speed up processing time for new tenants by integrating with PMS.
  • Enhanced Security Features
    Keep track of visitors and guests going in and out of the building: A photo and time-stamp will capture and log all door access events.
  • Building-wide Messaging
    Leave a message for residents via the building-wide messaging feature. Communicate with residents easily by utilizing the building-wide messaging capability. Or send a manager message on the intercom panel that the residents cannot miss.
  • Cloud-based Data Storage
    Cloud based database stores all door release events and tenant records. Elastic Cloud allows for virtually unlimited storage of photos and videos.

For Residents

  • “Always Home” Video Access
    Via a video call, residents can use smartphones to receive calls from visitors using the front entrance touch screen intercom. Open front door for a visitor using mobile app, even when not at home!
  • Telephone Backup
    Residents without smartphones receive a phone call via the front entrance touch screen and can still receive messages and view door release events via their web account.
  • Virtual Key Access for Delivery
    Don’t feel safe giving out a pair of keys to your contractor or your maid? Send them a Virtual Key that will expire when you please. Tenants can send timed Virtual Keys to allow timed access (2-24 hours) for guests or service personnel.
  • Multi-function Messaging
    Visitors can send a text or voice message when a tenant is not home or unavailable. Residents receive a text message notification and can view the message on the ButterflyMX mobile app Virtual Key Access for Visitors and Deliveries. Don’t feel safe giving out a pair of keys to your contractor or your maid? Send them a Virtual Key that will expire when you please. Tenants can send timed Virtual Keys to allow timed access (2-24 hours) for guests or service personnel.
  • Electronic Door Time Stamp
    Manage records of guests and service personnel by checking the electronic door time and photo stamp of every virtual key access or door release activity issued by your unit.
  • Easy Smart Phone Interface
    Intuitive and simple mobile app interface for receiving video calls, and opening the front entrance. Keep an organized log of messages and door release history using the ButterflyMX mobile app interface.

Contact us to learn more about the first smartphone video intercom platform: ButterflyMX. Paragon Security proudly serves customers throughout New York, including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and elsewhere in NYC.

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Customer Needs Drive Security Innovation


This article written by Roie Telyas was originally published to the Brivo blog as Innovation Secures Our Future. Paragon is a proud retail provider of Brivo products. 

Innovation Secures Our Future

Customer needs drive every business, and this has never been more true than in the security and locksmith industry. As the world becomes more digital and fast-paced to accommodate our busy lives, the security industry has moved with it. The industry is shifting toward high-tech solutions. Cutting-edge security brands like Brivo work to keep homeowners and office managers ahead of the curve.

Mastering classic security measures has been a hallmark of successful businesses in the past, but combining them with electronic systems protects us from unwanted guests in the digital age. High-tech security solutions aren’t just for corporations in summer blockbusters—they are very real, and very affordable for homeowners too.

When it comes in full force, the Internet of Things will revolutionize the way that we protect our homes and offices. It will become an era of unprecedented interconnectivity. What will it look like? You don’t need to guess—you can already find advanced security and locksmith products on the market.

Wireless locks add convenience

Don’t you want a key that only you can use? That’s what wireless locks do—they recognize your digital signature as you approach, meaning that you choose exactly who can access your building who cannot.

Say goodbye to changing your lock every time someone loses a key! This innovation is here to stay because it keeps us a few steps ahead of unauthorized visitors.

Wireless locks are among the most common and reliable digital security products available, as natural extensions for low-tech locks. They can unlock as you approach and automatically lock behind you while you carry groceries inside, as well as letting only certain people inside based on the corresponding authorization on your phone or keychain. They’re as important as traditional locks now, intertwining security for the home and the personal device. When everything is connected, everything needs to be secure.

Cloud-based cameras provide peace of mind

Not everyone lives according to the popular 9-5 schedule, and those who do can’t always spend much time at home. Monitoring our safest places can give us the security we need when we can’t be there in person. Even low-tech offices frequently have affordable cloud-based cameras installed in the event of a theft, altercation, or vandalism. Setting up a cloud-based camera gives you added layers of security, accountability, and the ability to respond quickly during emergencies.

Connect to your workplace computer and even your phone with real-time updates of the camera feed. This is particularly useful to keep tabs on teens, shops, or even just to secure your home while away on vacation.

Access control systems

Its real value is in having control over your home, whether it’s for an intercom system, the temperature, or security. These systems bring every facet of your home in front of you like a dashboard. When it comes to security, you need to have all the details in front of you. They work with wireless locks, cloud-based cameras, and your devices, all of which will connect our homes to the Internet of Things in the near future.

Access control systems don’t just rely on physical keys as we know them, either. Installing one can change the very way you access your home and everything in it. They work with facial recognition, key codes, fingerprints, card keys, and even proximity readers. Most of these measures can’t be stolen or illegally copied like physical keys, making them the next logical step in security.

Installing even one of these security features goes a long way toward protecting your home or office. Customer needs drive the industry, and those needs call for security measures that can’t be faked, stolen, or duplicated.


Brivo Inc. is the worldwide leader of cloud-based physical access control systems. Currently servicing over eight million users, the company’s award-winning Brivo OnAir® provides unmatched scalability and centralized security management for global enterprises, while retaining the ease of use for small and medium sized customers. The Brivo OnAir security management system is unique in providing combined access and video management in a single cloud platform. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Brivo was founded in 1999.

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Move-In Security Check For New Homeowners and Tenants

moving security

When it comes relocating, the process of moving is hard enough. Whether leasing a new apartment or purchasing a new brownstone, there are hundreds of little details to be taken care along the way. But before you know it, life will get back to normal. And when it does, you want the transition to the everyday use of your new home’s keys, locks, doors, and windows to be smooth, safe and hassle-free. Use this five-point move-in security check, from the experienced experts at Paragon, to make your move a security success:


  • LOCK CHANGE- This is a must-do for every new tenant or homeowner. A properly locked door is your first line of defense against unwanted intruders, so it is essential to be proactive in replacing locks when moving to a new place. To mitigate the risk of unaccounted keys and to feel fully safe and secure in your new home, have all entry door locks changed by a qualified professional locksmith. This minor expense ensures proper installation and maximum protection to your family and your valuable belongings.
  • KEYS-  Often times, apartment managers rotate old door locks between apartments with no regard to unreturned or missing keys. Even if your landlord says the locks have been changed, that does not necessarily mean they were replaced with new locks or that you are the only key holder. Don’t risk somebody being able to return to your apartment with an old key. Verify that your door locks are new, for peace of mind that you are the only keeper of the keys to your home.
  • DEADBOLT- To reinforce the security of your new home, deadbolts should be used in conjunction with keyed entry locks on all exterior doors. Doorknob locks by themselves are not enough. Deadbolts add a layer of security by reinforcing your standard doorknob lock. It is always best to work with a certified locksmith expert to determine the grade and type of deadbolt that will best meet your needs.


The easiest way for an intruder to enter your house is through the door. All of your efforts to protect your home, including an electronic home security system, are useless if your entry door is not strong and secure. Having a good door system in place is key to providing adequate protection. When doors fail, it is usually in these three areas:

  • DOOR TYPE- Check your door and door frame. A lot of homes in New York City have really old wood doors. They can be attractive, add a nice atmosphere to a home and look sturdy. However, they can also be experiencing wood rot, have lock problems and be an easy target for criminals. Entry doors should be solid core wood (at least 1 3/4″ thick) or metal wrapped. Your door should fit it’s frame tightly, with no more than 1/8″ clearance between the door and the frame. Check all wooden parts of the door and door frame, including the threshold, door jamb, and trim. Make sure there are no soft, spongy areas. With a wide range of residential doors from solid wood doors to steel security doors or metal calamine fire proof doors available nowadays, there is a door to meet every safety and security need for your new home.
  • STRIKE PLATE- The strike plate is a metal plate affixed to the door jamb with a hole or holes for the bolt of the door. When the door is closed, the bolt extends into the hole in the strike plate and holds the door closed. A weak, failing or poorly installed strike plate can leave you at risk.  To check your strike plate, open the door and examine the strike plate for signs of disrepair. Look to see if the strike plate is securely fastened to the door jamb with four screws. If it is only secured with two screws, you want to upgrade to a four-screw strike plate. With this, you should use 3-inch screws to install, in order to bite all the way into the stud behind the door jamb.
  • HINGES- The door hinge is what attaches the door to the frame. It is jointed and pivots as the door opens and closes. Door hinges are only as strong as the screws used to install them. To increase the security of your entry door, replace the standard 3/4″screw with 2″ to 3″ fully threaded screws. By using 2″ to 3″ fully threaded screws, you will  anchor the hinge into the sub-frame of your door, protecting you and your family from door kick-ins. Hinge pins that are exterior facing or exposed to the outside need immediate attention. If your entry door swings outward, check if your hinge pins are exposed. Intruders can remove the pins from the outside and gain entry by taking the door off the hinges. Ask a qualified security expert to examine your hinges and strike plates to ensure that you are fully secure.


  • WINDOW LOCKS Window locks keep intruders from gaining easy access to your residence, especially if your window is on the ground level. Treat all windows as potential entry points, and make sure all window locks are working properly. One of the best burglar deterrents when it comes to windows is a hefty window lock that is visible from the outside. Window pin locks are a simple, affordable yet highly effective burglar deterrent.
  • WINDOW ALARMS- From a simple window sensor alarm to full-service dynamic home protection, there are a variety of window alarms on the market today.  In the city, window sensors are an essential part of your new home security. A window sensor alarm installs onto the window and detects when a window is opened or broken. When triggered, it sounds a warning alarm that alerts those inside and intimates the burglar into fleeing.
  • CHILD SAFETY BARS- Children have an eager desire to explore their surroundings. This curiosity can lead to dangerous situations like leaning against a weak window screen or too far out a window to look outside. Child safety bars keep children safe from unexpected window falls and give parents peace of mind that a tragic window fall will not occur in their home.
  • FIRE ESCAPES- Exterior fire escapes can be lifesavers during an emergency. But they also provide burglars with easy access to upper-level windows and balconies. The best and safest way to secure your fire escape, lower level or top level windows is with FDNY approved window gates. Burglars usually look for the quickest and easiest access. Window gates, security bars, and child guard security devices are key to window security because even if the glass of the window is broken, the window gate still prevents criminals from gaining access. Your window gates should be installed with quick release mechanisms that open from inside your home for emergency exit to your fire escape, in case of fire.


  • ALARM SYSTEM-  If you are lucky enough to have an alarm system in your new place, change the access codes and contact the alarm service to notify them of your occupancy. If not,  this could be the single most important investment to make in your new home. Studies show that homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into. And aside from 24hour a day monitoring, most insurance carriers offer discounts to home owners with alarm systems installed. While keeping burglars at bay is the foundation, security systems can be easily expanded—adding motion detectors, additional door or window contacts, temperature monitors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire protection.
  • FIRE/SMOKE ALARM- Upon move-in, locate and inspect all fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for dust and lint build up that can hinder sensors. Replace the batteries and test to ensure they are functioning. Use Daylights Savings as a reminder to retest all alarms.  If you are in the market to purchase new, do your homework. Innovations in home security have evolved in recent years to include fire alarms that detect heat rather than smoke and motion sensors that can distinguish between a human intruder and a pet.


  • SAFE- A safe can be the last line of defense to protect your most valuable and irreplaceable possessions. Items such as jewelry, cash, firearms, and sensitive documents can be locked away in a fireproof case. Safes come in all sizes and range in price from under $100 to thousands of dollars. Find a safe that fits your budget and needs, and talk to your landlord about bolting it to a floor or wall, so a burglar can’t pick it up and take it. While a safe can’t guarantee the absolute protection of your property, it can be effective at hiding items from thieves who are just looking to grab valuables in plain sight and escape quickly.

As a densely populated metropolitan environment, New York City features a variety of high-rise buildings, condos, brownstones, townhouses, and multi-resident homes. It’s important to seek a qualified, locally trusted security provider to assist in changing  the locks and establishing a solid foundation of home protection specific to the unique security challenges of  your building or community. Paragon Security has been proudly serving customers all across New York City including in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island for over 25 years. Don’t miss out on the experience of new locks and keys with the Paragon Security move-in special. Call today for more details 212.203.0821.



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The Key To Security In New York City


There is a lot to think about, from a security perspective, in the city that never sleeps. As a cultural and financial hub of the world, New York City offers unique security challenges for businesses, residents and visitors. Having the right the right combination of everyday security features in place makes all the difference in simplifying and safeguarding your life:

Access Control Puts Security In Your Hands

Access control systems put every aspect of controlling your home in your hands. They can be integrated to work with wireless locks, intercoms, cloud-based cameras, thermostats and more, all from a single dashboard. Access control systems allow you to control who and when doors can be unlocked, no matter where you are. Entry to specific locations of your home can be narrowed down by person, day of the week, and time of day, using biometic or proximity devices.

Control and Convenience With Keyless Entry

The days of losing keys, forgetting to lock the door or having keys for pet-sitters, contractor or houseguests will soon be a thing of the past. Once a luxury only for the rich and famous, electronic door locks, also known as keyless entry systems or smart locks, can now grace the door to your home.

For NYC residents, especially those who make heavy use of on-demand deliveries, keyless entry systems provide remarkable control and convenience. Log records show the times and dates of all comings and goings of your home. So teenagers can’t sneak in after curfew and babysitters, dog walkers and cleaning people can be better monitored.

Keyless entry systems like Latch, are now being used at a range of properties, from East Village walk-ups to luxury doorman rentals. Another keyless entry provider, Kisi is turning its attention toward residences, with plans to roll out the system at a new 570-unit development on Staten Island.

Intercoms Help Intercept Uninvited Intruders 

In New York City, the intercom is your best friend. It saves you from having to run down to the lobby to let every appointment, delivery person, friend, worker or other visitor in that arrives. It can also be your first line defense against uninvited visitors or intruders. Many of today’s intercom systems have video capabilities, meaning homeowners can ask for identification to check and see if the person has the right credentials, has a parcel under his or her arm or is empty-handed malevolently looking in the window. Individuals should also think about hiring a professional locksmith to change any delicate locks around the house or consult a trusted security systems provider to leverage a silent alarm and round-the-clock monitoring.

Mailbox Security Protects Against Identity Theft

Whether an office, loft, condo, or apartment building, secure delivery of mail is essential to safeguarding confidential information.

There are a wide variety of mailbox solutions to meet both residential and commercial mail security requirements. This includes a variety of shapes and sizes for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor building mailboxes are sold in individual units or groups to suit apartment buildings and offices. They are typically made of aluminum or steel and come in vertical or horizontal units. Freestanding mailboxes for outdoor use are designed to withstand heavy weather. They can be either column, post, or wall mount styles. The outdoor mailboxes we provide are large enough to accommodate different sized parcels and protect them from both tampering and bad weather conditions.

Among the latest “internet of things” are electronic letterboxes. With the advances of our digital world, they offer an ideal addition to an electronic access control system. Electronic letterboxes know when to expect your mail, notifies when it arrives and locks after delivery. Electric letterboxes can be opened using a fingerprint, code lock or electronic key. Using a companion app, users can check the status of their mail delivery, remotely lock or unlock the box and even dole out virtual keys to allow neighbors to pick up mail in the absence.

24/7 Protection For The City That never Sleeps

Innovations in digital technology and security make it possible for cities like New York to keep ahead of the curve. Advanced security providers like Paragon, turn these innovations into reality for residents, offices, apartment managers, retail businesses, developers, hospitals, schools and city facilities throughout the five boroughs and beyond. The best way to remain secure in the city that never sleeps is working with a qualified, locally trusted security provider. Combining locksmith services with a variety of advanced security solutions, such as access control, high security locks systems, surveillance cameras and alarms, can help create a holistic protection strategy. Paragon Security has been proudly serving customers all across the city including in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island for over 25 years. Don’t miss out on the experience of new locks and keys with the Paragon Security move-in special. Call today for more details 212.203.0821. 



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A New Level Of Home Security: Freedom From Keydom


Keyless touchscreen deadbolts offer enhanced security and convenience

Experience FREEDOM FROM KEYDOM! – Keys have been used to lock our doors for centuries. Finally there is a more secure and convenient way to come home that completely eliminates the need for keys: Keyless touchscreen deadbolts.

No more keys.
Returning from work, dinner, a run, shopping or walking the dog? No need to look for your keys. Just type your code on the keypad and open sesame!

No more lock outs.
KEYFREE living means never having to remember your keys again. No more sitting outside waiting to be let in, simply use a pin code to open the door.

No more spare keys.
Set up a temporary visitor code to let your friends, family, or the cleaner in at any time. After the allotted time the code will expire they will no longer be able to gain entry.

No need to Re-Key.
Roommate moved out, guess it’s time to change the locks, right? Not when you are KEYFREE!  Program unique locking codes for up to 25 users. Delete user code on move out to eliminate user access.

Easy to program.
Its voice-guided operating instructions take the guesswork out of programming and the capacitive touch screen is well-lit and responsive.

Keyless Entry

Yale’s RealLiving™ offers residential, Grade 2, easy to program, touchscreen e-deadbolt locking for up to 25 users. This solution is wire-free, easy to install and comes equipped with Mul-T-Lock’s high security mechanical key override.
  • Sleek aesthetics
  • Operational efficiency
  • Completely eliminate the need to manage keys
  • No need to ever re-key – just set up a NEW access code
  • Increased security

To learn more or schedule a demonstration call 1 (888) 688-9771 or CLICK HERE and a Paragon representative will be happy to help. You will see our prices and know-how are second to none!


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Keyless Access In New York City

Keyless Entry and New York City

Written by By MICHELLE HIGGINS | The New York Times

New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems

In the next few months, residents at a handful of buildings in the city will be able to walk up to their apartment doors and go inside without fumbling for keys. And if the dog walker or cleaning service comes by while they are out, residents can use an app to let them in remotely. Ditto for deliveries.

Access Control

Keyless entry systems are starting to make their way to your apartment door. While smart locks have been available to individual homeowners for a few years, developers and property management companies have been hesitant to lose the key, citing the cost of upgrading hundreds of locks and the risk of losing money if the technology goes the way of Betamax.

LATCH Access Everywhere.

Latch, a new keyless entry system from a two-year-old start-up with the same name, is being introduced at a range of properties, from a four-unit East Village walk-up to a 431-unit luxury doorman rental in Chelsea, managed by real estate firms that have invested in the technology, like Corigin and Pan Am Equities. KISI, another keyless entry provider that has made strides in offices, is also turning its attention toward residences, with plans to roll out the system at a new 570-unit development on Staten Island in March (installed by Paragon Security).

For residents, especially those who make heavy use of on-demand deliveries, the pitch is control and convenience. Instead of doling out keys to your pet-sitter, contractor or houseguests, you can issue a virtual key. Instead of worrying about extra keys floating around that you lent out but never got back, you can simply disable access.

Landlords and property management companies can track the comings and goings of workers, guests and deliveries. If a tenant moves out, or doesn’t pay his rent, “keys” can be turned off. Access to health clubs, children’s lounges, pools and bike rooms can also be easily added or subtracted.

Designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer, a Swedish-born designer whose early career includes tenure at Apple, Latch is a contemporary take on the classic mortise lock. Perched above the traditional keyhole, a discreet camera sits behind a circular touch screen. Like an unblinking eye, it records who is at the door, so residents can determine whom to let in. Bluetooth technology allows Latch to communicate with your phone.

Once you register and download the app, there are a number of ways to open a door. You can use the app on your smartphone, input a key code on the circular touch pad on the door, or use an old-fashioned key. “We realize that not everyone will want to use it digitally,” said Luke Schoenfelder, the chief executive of Latch. The app can also be configured so that the door unlocks automatically upon sensing the phone in your pocket.

Access via key codes can be issued permanently, temporarily for deliveries or on a set schedule, as for a dog-walker. The system creates a record of every entry so you — and your landlord — can see who has been there and for how long.

Because your custom passcode always lets you in, you won’t get locked out if you leave your phone in a cab. You can also deactivate the code by logging into your account, if your phone is lost or stolen.

KISI Cloud Managed Office Access

KISI, a cloud-based control system, is designed for buildings with doors that are electronically wired. Once it is installed, tenants can download the app to turn their smartphones into their keys. Depending on how the system is configured, tenants either tap a button on the app to enter the building or touch their phone to a reader as they would at an office turnstile. One drawback: Because your phone is now your key, you’ll need to find a workaround if your battery dies before you get home.

To learn more or schedule a demonstration call 1 (888) 688-9771 or CLICK HERE and a Paragon representative will be happy to help. You will see our prices and know-how are second to none!

New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems by Michelle Higgins From The New York Times, Jan 1 © 2016 The New York Times Company . All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution, or retransmission of this Content without express written permission is prohibited.

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Window Gates: The Aesthetic Advantage


If you’ve been looking around New York City lately you might be seeing fewer window gates around. Some homeowners seem to have begun to think that declining crime rates over the past decade or so means they can get by without gates. While this often is not the case, there can be temptation to avoid putting in window gates. This is especially true since so many solutions are a major eyesore. Let’s face it, if you’ve just purchased a new home in a relatively safe neighborhood you aren’t going to be too excited to install a bunch of bars over your windows and ruin the look of your home. But what if your window gates could actually accent your property? What if they weren’t an eyesore, but a complementary part of your home that also keeps you safe? Custom window gates can give you the protection you need without having to sacrifice the pleasure you get when you look at your home.

Considering custom window gates
Custom iron work from a locksmith or security company can help you protect your home without sacrificing beauty or convenience in neighborhoods where residents may be tempted to not worry about window bars. After all, who wants to be the house on the block that makes all the other homes look a little worse by having something ugly on the exterior of their house? At the same time, you don’t want to invite risk. If you leave your windows exposed your home could easily become a target for professional criminals looking for an easy hit or a desperate person who knows he or she can travel to a nice neighborhood and find a house without a window gate, allowing easy entry. You don’t have to weigh the pros and cons of window gates anymore. Instead, you can get all the security you want without sacrificing appearance.

A good security provider offering custom ironwork can help you plan a good layout, deliver metalwork that meets FDNY regulatory specifications and end up with an attractive solution that adds a layer of protection and attractiveness to your home. This kind of solution can be perfect if you are concerned about security, but also pride yourself in keeping your home pleasant to the eye.

What to look for in custom gates
While custom gates can provide you with a combination of safety and beauty that you want, you have to look out for providers that may cut corners and give you a substandard product. There are a few things you can do to avoid this:

Check for certifications: An official FDNY approval is absolutely essential if you want to install window gates. It is also worth considering the slight distinction between New York Protection Gates, Manhattan Protection Gates and folding gates. In many cases, your solution provider can help you make the right choice.

Know what to expect from a provider: Generally speaking, a good vendor will actually come to your residence and measure your windows before progressing to actually making the gate. You should also be able to get help from the provider when it comes to choosing the right windows to put a gate over and making sure the property is protected. While you may be able to get what you need from an iron worker, partnering with a security solution vendor that can also provide iron work solutions is often the best option.

Transparency: Make sure you avoid any hidden costs. Working with a vendor that can offer a free estimate and clearing pricing range can go a long way to helping you get what you need.

The right custom window gate can give you protection and attractiveness in one bundle, making it an ideal option for homeowners that are unsure if they want to deal with the eye sore of bars over windows.

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Intercom Safety For NYC Apartment and Office Buildings


New Yorkers need to be extra wary of those we give access to our apartment or office building. The majority of time, the intercom is your best friend. It saves you from having to run down to the lobby to let every appointment, delivery person, friend, worker or other visitor in that arrives. Be smart about who you let in and use your intercom as the first line defense against burglars and thieves.

During the busy holiday season, intruders have an increased chance of gaining unauthorized access, putting everyone in the building at risk. In some cases, they may buzz each apartment or office to find out who is home. Or buzz every apartment or office at once hoping for a chance that someone will let them in. Always use the talk and listen feature of your intercom to communicate with each visitor to make sure they are legitimate. Be wary of common excuses they may try to use like claiming to be delivering a package for another tenant who’s not answering or pretending to be a new tenant who’s lost their keys. If you’re expecting someone, don’t assume it’s them when your intercom buzzes.

Report a broken intercom to your landlord immediately. If your intercom doesn’t work, or if you notice that something’s awry with the intercom panel in your building’s lobby, tell your landlord. Remember, an intercom isn’t just a convenience — it’s an important security measure. So, if your buzzer stops working or you have trouble hearing people in your lobby, you should bring this to your landlord’s attention as soon as possible.

If you live or work in NYC and do not currently have an advanced intercom system, now is the time consider installing one.

Many of today’s intercom systems have video capabilities, meaning homeowners can ask for identification to check and see if the person has the right credentials, has a parcel under his or her arm or is empty-handed malevolently looking in the window. Individuals should also think about hiring a professional locksmith to change any delicate locks around the house or consult a trusted security systems provider to leverage a silent alarm and round-the-clock monitoring.

Although this time of year is commonly referred to as the season of giving, home and business owners should not step aside and let their valuable possessions be stolen, vandalized or misused by criminals looking to take advantage of the holiday goodwill.

To learn more or schedule a demonstration call 1 (888) 688-9771 or CLICK HERE and a Paragon representative will be happy to help. You will see our prices and know-how are second to none!



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Winter poses significant challenges to home security

Frigid weather, icy sidewalks, snow-covered driveways and frozen locks can all create major security problems in winter, especially since many homeowners take security shortcuts when faced with such annoying weather conditions. According to a recent release from SecuritySystemsReviews, there are simple things that consumers can do to ensure they can maintain security despite the challenges presented by winter.

One simple way to improve security is to always clear driveways and sidewalks of snow. The news source said that unplowed areas are a sign of nobody being home to burglars. As a result, individuals who leave their sidewalks and driveways unplowed create an environment where their home could become a target.

Taking the time to properly lock doors when leaving is also important. According to the release, many people get so anxious to get out of the cold when leaving the house that they do not properly lock access points. This can create major problems down the road.

Advanced access control systems, such as mobile applications, can help homeowners overcome this challenge. Mobile security solutions allow individuals to control locks remotely. As a result, a person can quickly go to the car to escape the cold and use the device to lock the door properly.


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Electronic Smart Locking Systems Walk The Line

When it comes to protecting your home and family, safety and security are top priority. But let’s face it, you also need a trustworthy solution that easily fits into the routine of your daily life. Electronic smart locking systems have found a way to walk this line. Advances in technology combined with the security products you’ve learned to trust- you are now able to enjoy secure, convenient keyless control over access to your home.

Systems such as the ENTR from Mul-T-Lock allow you to easily upgrade your existing door lock into an electronic smart locking system. Giving you the freedom to lock your door or create, duplicate and use virtual keys to open your door right from your smartphone, tablet or
Bluetooth-enabled device.

There are a wide range of benefits to electronic locking systems depend on the use situation, but a few that stand out in the home include:

Imagine that you have a key-based safe in your home, a key for your office, one for your car, one for the front door, another for the back door, one for the dead-bolt and a few keys for exterior buildings, like a garage and a shed. This isn’t a particularly unusual situation, as many homeowners need at least five or six keys in total when you take vehicles into account. Now imagine it is one in the morning and you are coming home from a party during a thunderstorm. Chances are you don’t want to shuffle through your keychain finding the right key for your door and the dead-bolt to get into your home. You may just leave your dead bolt unlocked if you know you’re going to come home in the rain later, right? An electronic lock makes this process much simpler because it can be unlocked with a simple key fob or even your smartphone.

Mobile functionality
Smartphones and tablets make plenty of things easier in life, and getting into or out of the house is one of them. Many electronic locks are accompanied by mobile applications that allow you to control your lock remotely. This lets you, for example, lock your door and dead-bolt from the comfort of your car on a cold winter morning. Furthermore, this eliminates the dependence on keys to get into and out of your house, making it much easier and more convenient to deal with the multiple locks protecting your home.

Mobile capabilities also eliminate many worries that could surround home ownership. For example, if you go on vacation and think you may have left the door unlocked, you can lock the door from your smartphone. Convenience is key when it comes to home security. Electronic locks that can work with mobile devices delivery this ease of use.

Increased security
Plenty of people take shortcuts when it comes to locking their door because it can be annoying to get back in later. Electronic doors eliminate this need because they offer so much convenience that shortcuts become unnecessary. Furthermore, cheap-looking locks can often make your home a target for a criminal. This is especially true if you live in a housing development or area where one contractor built the majority of the homes, as a contractor who is known to cut corners on things like locks. Burglars are quick to notice these kinds of trends and have been known to target homes based on potentially poor lock installations.

An electronic system may seem like too much high-tech hardware for your home, but the technology has evolved substantially in recent years. As a result, you can often get a simple electronic lock system that is cost efficient enough to fit your budget and not so egregiously high-tech that it no longer seems to fit your house. Refined electronic locks are often simple to use, look almost the same as regular locks and provide a vital layer of protection for homeowners that want to combine convenience with high levels of protection.

ENTR Multlock Smart Lock SolutionExciting News: ENTR Smart Lock Solution won the 2015 Digital Home Gadget Award.

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