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Intercom Safety For NYC Apartment and Office Buildings


New Yorkers need to be extra wary of those we give access to our apartment or office building. The majority of time, the intercom is your best friend. It saves you from having to run down to the lobby to let every appointment, delivery person, friend, worker or other visitor in that arrives. Be smart about who you let in and use your intercom as the first line defense against burglars and thieves.

During the busy holiday season, intruders have an increased chance of gaining unauthorized access, putting everyone in the building at risk. In some cases, they may buzz each apartment or office to find out who is home. Or buzz every apartment or office at once hoping for a chance that someone will let them in. Always use the talk and listen feature of your intercom to communicate with each visitor to make sure they are legitimate. Be wary of common excuses they may try to use like claiming to be delivering a package for another tenant who’s not answering or pretending to be a new tenant who’s lost their keys. If you’re expecting someone, don’t assume it’s them when your intercom buzzes.

Report a broken intercom to your landlord immediately. If your intercom doesn’t work, or if you notice that something’s awry with the intercom panel in your building’s lobby, tell your landlord. Remember, an intercom isn’t just a convenience — it’s an important security measure. So, if your buzzer stops working or you have trouble hearing people in your lobby, you should bring this to your landlord’s attention as soon as possible.

If you live or work in NYC and do not currently have an advanced intercom system, now is the time consider installing one.

Many of today’s intercom systems have video capabilities, meaning homeowners can ask for identification to check and see if the person has the right credentials, has a parcel under his or her arm or is empty-handed malevolently looking in the window. Individuals should also think about hiring a professional locksmith to change any delicate locks around the house or consult a trusted security systems provider to leverage a silent alarm and round-the-clock monitoring.

Although this time of year is commonly referred to as the season of giving, home and business owners should not step aside and let their valuable possessions be stolen, vandalized or misused by criminals looking to take advantage of the holiday goodwill.

To learn more or schedule a demonstration call 1 (888) 688-9771 or CLICK HERE and a Paragon representative will be happy to help. You will see our prices and know-how are second to none!



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Winter poses significant challenges to home security

Frigid weather, icy sidewalks, snow-covered driveways and frozen locks can all create major security problems in winter, especially since many homeowners take security shortcuts when faced with such annoying weather conditions. According to a recent release from SecuritySystemsReviews, there are simple things that consumers can do to ensure they can maintain security despite the challenges presented by winter.

One simple way to improve security is to always clear driveways and sidewalks of snow. The news source said that unplowed areas are a sign of nobody being home to burglars. As a result, individuals who leave their sidewalks and driveways unplowed create an environment where their home could become a target.

Taking the time to properly lock doors when leaving is also important. According to the release, many people get so anxious to get out of the cold when leaving the house that they do not properly lock access points. This can create major problems down the road.

Advanced access control systems, such as mobile applications, can help homeowners overcome this challenge. Mobile security solutions allow individuals to control locks remotely. As a result, a person can quickly go to the car to escape the cold and use the device to lock the door properly.


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Eliminating retail theft with advanced security tools

When most people hear the term “retail security,” they automatically think of theft, people physically stealing items from the store. While that is not wholly inaccurate, return fraud is also among the most common and devastating types of robbery in the retail industry.

Return fraud usually occurs when an individual tries to exchange a stolen item for cash, uses a counterfeit receipt or attempts to get money back when a product is not damaged or malfunctioning in any way. According to a new study by the National Retail Federation, the industry will lose around $8.9 billion in revenue this year due to return fraud, with $2.9 billion in losses taking place solely during the holiday season. This means that more than 4 percent of all returns during the holiday season are scams.

“Even more troubling is the fact that innocent consumers often suffer because companies have to look for ways to prevent and detect all types of crime and fraud in their stores, oftentimes resorting to shorter return windows and limitations on the types of products that can be returned,” said Rich Mellor, vice president of loss prevention at the NRF.

The survey polled 60 executives at varying retail organizations and found that more than 96 percent of respondents lost revenue last year because of fraudulent returns on stolen items. Another 64 percent said their company fell victim to wardrobing – the return of non-defective merchandise – last year, while 45 percent said criminals provided fake receipts to get money back.

“Return fraud in any form is a serious threat, and we know that retailers have made significant strides in their fight against retail crime, and are continuing their efforts working with law enforcement to address this multi-billion dollar problem,” Mellor said.

Fighting fire with fire
Although being more vigilant in the returns department will likely reduce the chance of fraud taking place, retailers need to be proactive in preventing theft from even taking place. To do so, organizations should consider using an advanced integrated security system complete with next-generation alarms and gadgets.

Physical security solutions are no joke; they really work. This was highlighted in a study by University of Florida, which revealed the use of surveillance cameras and other tools reduced theft as a percentage of revenue by 1.41 percent – the equivalent of roughly $2.6 billion in savings.

“The decrease in retail theft can be a direct result of the widespread investment in technologies and integrated solutions by retailers,” security expert Michael Creedon said. “Clearly security solutions are proving to be a solid investment and have saved retailers billions of dollars in losses every year. There are a number of technologies and services available today that can help retailers continue to prevent theft, decrease shrinkage and track merchandise effectively.”

In addition to video surveillance cameras, retailers should consider using access control systems to prevent internal theft and product tracking and monitoring tools to ensure nothing is stolen out of sight.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, meaning retail decision-makers need to put on their game faces. By eliminating theft and being more adamant about a strict return policy, businesses may be able to spread some holiday joy without experiencing unnecessary losses in revenue.

An integrated security system can combine several of the most innovative tools together, giving retailers a leg up over criminals.


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Happy New Year!

Seasons Greetings to our customers and friends.  Wishing you bright and prosperous 2012.

Paragon Security

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