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Crime Prevention

One of the primary missions of Paragon Security & Locksmith is proactive crime prevention. Take steps to protect you home and business with our comprehensive security solutions. Read more about crime prevention below or contact us today to get started.

Will Bus-Mounted Cameras Save The City’s Failing Bus System?

With over 2.5 million riders each day, New York City oversees the largest municipal bus fleet in the U.S. To keep New Yorkers moving, the city uses designated bus lanes to give buses priority in traffic and enable riders to commute to work, school, and other destinations in a reasonable amount of time. But with […]

Technology Takes Bite Out Of Crime

Reasearch Links Technology With Decline In Crime After decades of soaring statistics, crime in the U.S. has plunged. According to a new report from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law1, in the last quarter century crime on both a national and city level dropped dramatically and remain near historic […]

7 Window Security Bar Safeguards for New York City Residents

As the weather warms up, residents and business owners open new windows of opportunity for burglars. Detective Jack Meeks, the spokesman for the New York City Crime Prevention Bureau, warns that the most common entry points for thieves in the city are windows or fire escapes. This risk increases in the spring and summer months.

Loss Prevention & Beyond: How Video Innovation Enriches Retailers

Technology Report: SourceSecurity.com By Larry Anderson The retail market is facing unprecedented challenges as brick-and-mortar locations struggle to redefine their role in the age of online commerce. Retailers also deal with continuing, age old requirements to minimize costs in a competitive landscape and to provide services and a customer experience that encourages repeat business. Video […]

Burglar Prompts Window Security Check

NYPD CRIME STOPPERS ALERT Published originally on: NYPD Crime Stoppers. Security monitoring of a Brooklyn apartment recently caught this burglary suspect on surveillance video, leaving the building through the front door. The suspect gained entry to the apartment by climbing the fire escape outside the Brooklyn building on Lincoln Road. Choosing a window that was not […]

Window Gates: The Aesthetic Advantage to Make Your Place Look Better

If you’ve been looking around New York City lately you might be seeing fewer window gates around. Some homeowners seem to have begun to think that declining crime rates over the past decade or so means they can get by without gates. While this often is not the case, there can be temptation to avoid […]

Eliminating retail theft with advanced security tools

When most people hear the term “retail security,” they automatically think of theft, people physically stealing items from the store.

Security systems don’t just protect against crime

While security systems are mainly focused on preventing crime, many other features they offer can significantly improve the overall safety of any home.

Security cameras help police tackle crime

Without the aid of security cameras, it is likely an alleged murderer in Spokane, Washington would still be walking free. According to a news report on www.kxly.com, on June 11th, 2014, Sean Oie was stabbed to death at the STA Plaza. The security guards there discovered the image of the suspect, Donald Phillips, was caught on […]

Bike theft is a real problem in New York City

Bike theft is difficult to prevent without proper locks.

Philly gets creative to reduce crime

Large cities are always fighting an uphill battle against crime, especially in today’s economic crisis when individuals resort to theft and other malicious activity to turn a profit.

Next-generation integrated security systems boost city crime deterrence capabilities

Surveillance cameras have become an integral part of security systems during the past few decades, allowing business decision-makers, homeowners and municipalities to monitor areas where no other authorities are present.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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