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Burglar Prompts Window Security Check


Published originally on: NYPD Crime StoppersSecurity monitoring of a Brooklyn apartment recently caught this burglary suspect on surveillance video, leaving the building through the front door. The suspect gained entry to the apartment by climbing the fire escape outside the Brooklyn building on Lincoln Road. Choosing a window that was not gated, alarmed or locked, he was able to simply pushed open the fourth floor window.

Brooklyn Burglar
Upon entry to the apartment through the window, the suspect removed a Dell laptop and an Apple laptop and then fled out the front door of the apartment building. Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS or logging onto the Crime Stoppers Website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM.


Stories like this are all too common in New York. But the good news is that they are also preventable. It is up to us as residents and business owners, to safeguard our family and employees. It is essential to take every precaution in making  sure all accessible windows, including basement, first floor, top floor, and fire escape windows are secure.


There are a variety of window alarms on the market today. From a simple window sensor alarm to full-service dynamic home/business protection. A window sensor alarm installs onto the window and detects when a window is opened or broken. By sounding a warning alarm, it alerts those inside and intimates the burglar into fleeing. For maximum security, you may consider an Integrated Wireless Security System with 24/7 alarm system monitoring and Motion Detectors. These systems are easy to operate for the user and can also double as burglar alarms and fire alarms. As the security system picks up signs of an intruder, an alarm is set off and police are dispatched the police to your home or office if needed.

Window Locks

Don’t underestimate the power of a good lock. Deadbolts and other types of window locks are excellent, but the best burglar deterrent is a hefty window lock that is visible from the outside. A window pin lock can a simple, affordable yet highly effective burglar deterrent.

Window Gates

Windows that are not protected can be broken easily used as a point of entry by burglars. The best and safest way to secure your fire escape, lower level or top level windows is with a FDNY approved window gates. Window gates can be highly effective at bolstering home security for multiple reasons. Burglars usually look for the quickest and easiest access. The installation of window gates act as a deterrent because the gates make the home appear to be more difficult to break into. Even if the glass is broken, the window gate still keeps them from gaining access.

With proper installation, window gates and/or security bars are firmly attached to the building structure with bolts and screws. And fitted with quick release mechanisms that open security gates from inside your house for emergency exits in case of fire. Architectural features of on the exterior of your building can often be used by thieves for climbing to higher levels without window gates. Fire escapes, in particular, represent a major risk. Not securing a window that is accessible via fire escape leaves everyone and everything inside vulnerable. And an easy target. As the fire escape represents an extremely accessible entry point for most burglars.

Choosing the right window security feature that meets all applicable standards, is just the first step. It is also worth considering the slight distinction between New York Protection Gates, Manhattan Protection Gates and folding gates. In many cases, your solution provider can help you make the right choice. Next you must you must be certain the features are installed correctly by a professional locksmith / security companyInstallation makes all the difference when it comes to finding the right solution for your needs. As part of extensive window security services, Paragon Locksmith NYC offers a selection of eye-catching designs of window gates, security bars, and child guard security devices that are custom fitted and installed as part of your residence or business overall security plan.

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Closed-circuit television system catches man defiling bicycle

A Swedish man looking to determine who was slashing his bicycle's tires at night got more than he expected when he found another criminal act caught on his closed-circuit television system: a man making love to the two-wheeled machine.

The man posted the video in question to Youtube according to the New York Daily News, in which the man slashed the tires and proceeded to defile the bicycle, in an attempt to find who was responsible for the act.

While what the man found was an extreme example, CCTV installation can be a cheap and effective crime deterrent. If the camera is placed in a central location, thieves will be much less likely to take the risk of getting caught. Even if they make off with the goods, the video recorded will give users and police a much easier time when it comes to tracking down the perpetrator.

Additionally, having a CCTV system can provide added security as the feed can be viewed in real time, allowing viewers to know when they're in danger. While confronting a thief may not be the best idea, being able to protect yourself with advanced warning, including calling the police, can make it a very worthwhile investment.

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Home security system catches culprit on tape

In Cypress, Texas, two young men attacked a home with acid bombs, leaving them on the porch where they could damage the property. According to a recent report, the culprits were spotted by the home security camera, providing police with the information they need to possibly track down the people involved in the event.

The news source explained that the camera captured a young man run up to the porch, shake a bottle and drop it on the stone surface. The camera then tracked that person running away while a second individual threw another acid bomb at the front door before they both left the scene.

Considering the role of home security systems
Home security systems, particularly cameras, are not just present to protect your home in the event of a break-in or attempted burglary. They also act as a powerful protection tool. Cameras that are visible on the home can scare criminals away because a high-quality device can identify an individual breaking into a home or performing a dangerous prank, like dropping acid bombs on a porch. In such situations, law enforcement officials can use images captured by the camera and search databases to find any pictures that match the person. This tool can help officials identify individuals involved in such an incident.

This type of technology is definitely helpful when it comes to catching somebody who performed a crime. However, its impact on criminals who may attempt a theft is just as significant. When burglars know that their image can be tracked down they are usually more careful not to be caught on camera. As a result, a surveillance system can deter them from targeting a property that they may otherwise try to steal from.

Cameras also allow for more effective response to break-ins and other issues, especially when those devices are connected to the web. IP cameras can be coupled with alert services that notify a homeowner if there is a break-in or similar event. These systems can be set to alert you if a door or window is opened or a similar problem takes place. This allows you to watch video of what happened and call law enforcement officials if necessary.

Home surveillance systems can stop your home from becoming a target and help you respond to any problems effectively. As a result, their value goes well beyond simply catching a burglar or prankster on tape.

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Caught on tape: Potential lottery winner checks tickets in Maryland gas station

The past couple of weeks had every lottery player on edge as he or she waited to hear their Powerball numbers announcing their instant transformation into a millionaire. And while hundreds of people joke about what they would do if they actually had the golden ticket, several video surveillance cameras in a Marlboro Village, Maryland, gas station actually caught what may be a winner's reaction.

The footage shows a bald man dressed in a yellow suit nonchalantly walking into the building to pay for gas and absently check his lottery tickets. After realizing he had the winning numbers, the man showed the station clerk and several customers to confirm he was not seeing things, according to a CNN report.

It appears he wasn't.

The surveillance cameras also show the man forget to pay for his gas in his excitement to get home, only to run back in and give the clerk some money. If the man's ticket turns out to be legitimate, he could end up splitting more than $384 million with the other winner, CNN reported.

This particular use of video surveillance shows the versatility of the technology. While the tools are often recognized for their ability to enhance security and business operations by providing decision-makers insight into employee activity, they can also be used for less serious reasons.

Showing off crazy, potentially historical events to friends, for example, is another example of how individuals can use video surveillance cameras. If you had surveillance footage of multi-million-dollar mega jackpot lottery tickets being redeemed at your store, wouldn't you show it off too?

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Arizona marijuana dispensary criminals caught on camera

When one thinks about a medical marijuana dispensary, tranquility is usually among the first images. This, however, was not the case last week at AZ Go Green in Tempe, Arizona.

On October 25, four men, apparently in their late teens or early twenties, entered the facility armed and ready to cause mayhem. After reviewing footage of the event, which was captured on several surveillance cameras throughout the building, police have labeled the men as "brutal" and "cold blooded," according to a report by My Fox Phoenix.

This description doesn't come from the fact that the armed assailants were stealing from a medical marijuana certification center, but rather that they pistol-whipped an employee several times for no apparent reason and got into an unnecessary shootout with an employee who was also armed, the news source said.

"Well apparently they get into literally a shootout with other employees inside this business that were armed with apparent handguns," Sergeant Darren Burch with Silent Witness told My Fox News. "As they leave, one of them takes a shot at them [and there was] absolutely no need for that, that was just really cold blooded."

Unfortunately, many local residents who live near the shop said it was just a matter of time before something like this happened.

"It does not make us feel safe in our neighborhood," Tempe resident Sherri Toomb said, according to My Fox News. "I feel like a prisoner in my own home when I have to bring children in from the backyard and say I'm sorry you cannot go outside and play."

According to the FBI, Tempe is not entirely unfamiliar with robberies, as 237 incidents were reported to the agency in 2011 and 268 in 2010.

Since the four criminals bombarded AZ Go Green weren't able to get either type of green and left empty handed, local authorities believe their reign of theft is not over.

"There is no doubt these people will do it again and hurt someone, we need to get them off our streets," Burch said, according to My Fox News.

While Silent Streets is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, other local businesses should consider upgrading their physical security strategies and deploy high-definition surveillance cameras with real-time monitoring capabilities. In doing so, decision-makers may be able to help police officers identify and locate the criminals before they inflict too much damage.

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Caught on camera: Criminals use forklift to steal ATM from bank

Alright, let’s be honest. We’ve all thought about hijacking an ATM and making money rain down from the skies like lightning bolts from Zeus. After all, there has to be boatloads of money in there.

In most cases, however, people repress the urge to break into the machine, simply take their money and go. However, not everyone is skilled at suppressing such impulses.

In Three Way, Tennessee, surveillance cameras recently caught an ATM theft in the act. Those responsible for the innocent didn’t hold back, either, as they didn’t use some complex hacking apparatus to steal PINs and access random bank accounts. Instead, they used a forklift, according to a report by local TV station WBBJ.

Let that sink in for a second: a forklift. How is such a feat possible? By driving the forklift into the back of the ATM, skewering it and driving off. The surveillance system caught the incident from a number of angles, and showed the forklift had no trouble impaling the bank ATM and maneuvering it to a position outside the cameras’ view, the news source said.

Investigators also said the footage shows a 1980s or 90s pickup truck with two-tone color back up into the frame, WBBJ reported.

The FBI noted that Tennessee is not entirely unfamiliar with burglaries, as more than 64,000 instances were reported in 2010.

While this theft shows some ingenuity on behalf of the criminals, it also suggests businesses need to be prepared for all types of crimes and should deploy robust physical security systems to mitigate risk, prevent situations from taking place or help local law enforcement agencies identify and locate criminals.

Crime Stoppers and the Madison County Police Department are asking for any help that may lead to an arrest.

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Caught on tape: New York man mugged during Hurricane Sandy

The recent Hurricane Sandy that struck the East Coast had a major impact on New York City. For most people, just trying to get out of the storm as quickly as possible proved challenging. For one man, however, luck turned for the worse when he was jumped by several assailants in the rainy weather.

According to a report by The New York Daily News, 21-year-old Jeremy Furchtgott of Crown Heights was blindsided by multiple thugs on his way home during the hurricane. Several surveillance cameras caught the incident on tape, which shows one man tripping Furchtgott to the ground while several others began bombarding him with punches and kicks, eventually stealing his iPhone and his wallet with $40.

"It was the last thing I was expecting," the Princeton University graduate Furchtgott said, according to The New York Daily News. "I found myself on the ground and first thought that I tripped over a branch. Until I heard someone yell, 'Give me your phone! Give me your wallet.'"

Furchtgott recalled one assailant yelling at him to count to 100 before getting up, which was how Sruly Halon, another local resident, found Furchtgott on a walk home from a Talmud study session nearby. Although Furchtgott suffered several bruises and cuts from the beating he initially didn't remember happening, he declined hospital care, the news source said.

"At first I didn’t know why he was lying there," Halon said. "I wasn't sure if something happened to him physically. Maybe a tree hit him."

City Councilman David Greenfield noted the attack was ruthless and has since offered a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the criminals responsible for the beating, New York Daily News reported.

"It's shocking. What kind of sick people would attack an individual who is trying to get home during a hurricane?" Greenfield said.

A separate report by the FBI noted that there were more than 51,000 violent crimes reported to local law enforcement agencies in New York City in 2011, with nearly 30,000 involving aggravated assault.

While the crime rates continue to drop, installing video surveillance cameras in public areas won't hurt, as the tools may help local authorities identify and locate criminals – even those that attack during natural disasters.

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Woman steals from nonprofit with two children present

Shoplifting is a common crime throughout the United States and becomes increasingly abundant as the holiday season approaches. In fact, a report by AdWeek noted that roughly one out of every 11 shoppers walk out of the store with an item he or she didn't pay for, suggesting retailers should consider implementing surveillance cameras to ensure people don't think they have the right to steal valuable items.

This type of situation recently occurred at Vision House Thrift Store in Bothell, Washington, when a woman stole several Franciscan china place settings from the nonprofit organization, according to a report by Q13 Fox News Daily.

"When I went up to take a picture of the table for us to put it on our Facebook [I noticed] that three of my place settings were missing, which I actually had them doubled. So that would mean six serving pieces missing," said Renee Johannsen, store manager of Vision House Thrift Store, according to Q13 Fox News.

Unfortunately, the thrift store acts as a nonprofit and donates a portion of its revenue to charities that help homeless mothers take care of their children, the news source said. Ironically, the thief caught on surveillance was with two children.

"I thought [the incident was] very strange so I looked on the camera and watched and there was a woman in the store with a gentleman and two children and she had stolen the dishes off the table," Johannsen told Q13 Fox News.

The surveillance cameras caught the entire crime on camera as the woman picked up two pieces of the china to observe in another area of the store before sticking them in her large white handbag. Soon after, the woman walked back to the china display, covered the plates with a black sweater and continued to scoop the place settings into her bag.

While stealing from a nonprofit is pretty shady, the fact that she committed the crime in front of her children is also unpleasant.

"First of all, who does this with children with them? What kind of example are you setting? Plus, you're in here stealing from a nonprofit organization that's trying to help and house homeless mothers and children," Johannsen told the news provider.

Another report by the FBI confirmed theft was one of the most common crimes in Bothell in 2010, as more than 640 instances were reported.

Retailers need to be on their guard this holiday season and implement advanced surveillance cameras with real-time monitoring if they want to prevent criminals from stealing items in their store.

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Caught on video: Man steals iPhone from child

While all smartphones, tablets and other next-generation gadgets are cool, owning an Apple product has a certain elite ring to it. The iPhone, in particular, adds to a person's cool factor, especially since the new model was recently released.

Unfortunately, fame often sparks desire, which is exactly what is happening with Apple products. In fact, a report by the New York Daily News said iPhone and iPad thefts are up 44 percent this year as opposed to 2011. As of mid-April, there have been nearly 1,200 Apple product thefts, compared to only around 830 reported during the same time last year.

Other reports suggest that this trend is not just occurring in New York. According to a story by The Sun, a recent theft in Ormskirk, West Lancashire, England, is raising questions as to how far a criminal will go to get his or hands on one of these coveted gadgets.

The news source said a man allegedly followed a family into a Hypes clothes store after witnessing the child was watching a television show on an iPhone. When the mother turned around, the thief reached into 20-month-year-old Luella Reid's stroller, snatched the device and walked out of the store.

"Luella loves Barney The Dinosaur and was watching a show on my phone," mother Danielle Hinnigan said, according to The Sun. "I thought maybe she had dropped it, I never thought someone would go in her pram and take it off her. I'm just glad it was just the phone and Luella was OK."

While the entire incident was recorded by the store's video surveillance cameras, local law enforcement officers are asking individuals to review the tape and help them identify the criminal, The Sun noted.

"This is a despicable offence where it appears that the suspect has deliberately targeted a child knowing the crime would be relatively easy to commit," West Lancashire Inspector Andy Willis said, according to the news source.

By deploying an innovative CCTV surveillance system, retailers may be able to not only eliminate situations where their products are stolen, but also keep their customers' possessions safe. As the mobile industry continues to evolve and drive criminals to covet expensive gadgets, retailers should do their part to reduce the frequency of these occurrences. 

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Surveillance cameras may back Lindsay Lohan’s innocence

The New York Police Department is trying to separate fact from fiction in the newest Lindsay Lohan scandal, in which a young man alleges the actress hit him with her car in Chelsea, according to a report by local TV station WABC.

"She strikes the individual with the car, who was an employee of the Dream Hotel, injuring his leg," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said, according to the news source. "She then leaves the scene."

Footage from surveillance cameras outside the hotel, however, shows that the victim may not have been hit at all. According to WABC, detectives said the video does not support the prosecutor's claim.

Lohan, who is still on probation from a jewelry theft from last year, was arrested and charged with fleeing the scene of an accident, but detectives noted that the actress did not appear drunk and was not given a breathalyzer test, WABC said.

Either way, the incident may be enough to earn a violation of probation, the news source reported.

"Whenever you have actions that either are law breaking or violating moral ethics, then you're going to have a situation where you can lose your probation and end up in jail, end up with extended probation or end up with a separate sentence," trial attorney Herb Subin said, according to WABC.

Hit and runs are a serious crime in the United States that appear to be happening more frequently. According to a report by accident injury attorneys Greenman Goldberg Raby Martinez, hit and run accidents have increased 15 percent since 2000.

By deploying surveillance cameras outside a business in public areas, decision-makers may be able to help local law enforcement officers investigating crimes determine who is the guilty party.

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Cat nap burglar caught on camera

The Tarheel Bar-B-Q in Gates County, North Carolina, has been around for more than 50 years and has seen a lot of interesting characters come through the door. This past Labor Day, however, the family-owned restaurant almost fell victim to a burglary when no one was present at the diner during the holiday, according to a report by local TV station WAVY-TV 10.

“It just makes you mad,” owner Ricky Hedgepeth said, according to the news source. “You worked for all your life and somebody tries to take it from you.”

Surveillance cameras outside the restaurant caught an individual trying to break into the building using a shovel to pry open the back door, WAVY reported. The footage shows the suspect trying to enter the restaurant for more than 30 minutes.

“I couldn’t believe how long he stayed,” Hedgepeth told the news provider. “I was just surprised that he never looked around to see if anybody was watching him. It was like he didn’t care.”

In an interesting turn of events, footage from the surveillance cameras show the individual appear to get tired after trying to break the locks. After unsuccessfully gaining entry to the building, the man walked to the back of the store where he apparently fell asleep for about three hours, WAVY reported. Although nothing was stolen from the restaurant, Hedgepeth hopes the perpetrator will still be brought in by authorities.

“He didn’t steal anything from me but if I can help stop him from doing it to somebody else that’s what my main goal is,” Hedgepeth said, according to WAVY.

According to the FBI, more than 102,000 cases of burglary were reported across North Carolina in 2010. By implementing advanced surveillance cameras and other perimeter security solutions, organizations may be able to prevent similar crimes from taking place.

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Assault on inmate caught on camera

After footage from surveillance cameras inside the Mahoning County Jail in Ohio was released, two deputies are now on leave as a confrontation between the officers and an inmate is investigated. The video shows a deputy physically assaulting the inmate for an unknown reason, according to a report by local TV station WFMJ.

"It looks like someone – the deputy – might have lost his cool and got upset and took it out on the inmate," David Engler, the victim's lawyer, said, according to WFMJ. "It's sort of shocking and very surprising to me because I know the deputy."

The video shows the victim being escorted to a holding cell to change back into his prison jumpsuit following a court appearance for assault. It is during this time that the surveillance camera catches the deputy repeatedly striking the victim, though the reason for the outburst has yet to be uncovered by the investigation, the news source reported.

The deputy standing outside the holding cell has also been suspended with pay during the investigation into the incident, WFMJ noted.

"I was horrified when I seen the film. Somebody's going to have to pay the consequences of what happened there," Mahoning County Sheriff Randall Wellington said, according to WFMJ.

A separate report by the FBI noted that violent crime was not as common as property crime in Mahoning County in 2010. By deploying video surveillance cameras, organizations may be able to better investigate both property and violent crimes, helping local law enforcement agencies take the appropriate measures against guilty parties – even if the perpetrators are police officers.

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