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Biometric Access Control

Several security situations call for high tech solutions. Biometric Access Control represents sophisticated and personalized security. Read about the many aspects of our experience with biometric access control below or contact us today to get started.

Contactless Access Control for Fever Screening and Mask Detection

In a recent interview titled Comelit and the new horizons of post-pandemic safety, Lorenzo Nardacci, Comelit Technical and Commercial Manager for Products and Services Italy, offered eye-opening insight into the world of Comelit and the near future of the security market. Nardacci shared that Coronavirus has mobilized major changes in security demand. Comelit promptly responded […]

Touchless Biometric Security Solution for Safe COVID-19 Re-Opening

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has given us, it’s a deep appreciation for the power of touchless biometric technology. For individuals and organizations alike, technology that facilitates no contact entry and social distancing is critical for mitigating the risk of exposure and improving public safety.  Since the outbreak, the demand for touchless technology has […]

Siedle CEO Showcases Next Generation Intercom Security Technology

Siedle USA CEO, Karl Lamprecht recently stopped by to showcase the next generation of Intercom security technology including 3D face recognition, touch panel, mobile phone video connectivity, and many more features. 3D FACE RECOGNITION Adatis TouchEntry / FaceEntry biometric features such as the face are unique and identify a person without any doubt. Face detection […]

Innovative Security Solutions For Personal Property Safety

Next year holds a lot of promise for advanced technologies, including physical security systems, which will likely evolve into more complex solutions capable of delivering high-quality service at a lower cost than many legacy offerings.

Biometric pet finder

There is a new biometric device that will silence even the most biting of critics: According to a story recently published on www.post-gazette.com, a biometric access control app can help you find your lost pet. The app is known as Finding Rover, and it allows animal shelters to send photos of dogs to an online […]

A New Way to Identify When You Fly

Travelers everywhere have been dreaming of a day when they can keep their passports and identification cards tucked away in their carry-on’s as non-essential components of the standard airport security protocol. Not to mention, what happens if you lose your driver’s license or forget your passport? A new trend is emerging across some of the […]

Biometric Readers A La Carte

Fed up with time card manipulation and endless lost key cards, food and restaurant industry members are turning to biometric devices for better timekeeping and access control. These small electronic devices, some of which can integrate directly with Point of Sales (POS) systems equipment, use encrypted images based on individual fingerprints to identify managers and […]

The Diversity of Biometric Technology

What was once thought to be science fiction is now becoming a very real technology. Biometric readers, which operated based on unique information that cannot be replicated, are becoming more and more common place. According to a story published in findbiometrics.com, institutions such as UC Irvine use palm-vein biometrics to protect their labs from curious […]

Growing Demand for Biometric Readers

Voice and fingerprint recognition hardware and software designs have advanced and improved greatly over the past few years. According to a recent report by the technology advisory company TechNavio, consumers are using biometric readers more often and requests for biometric technology have skyrocketed. Several factors play into the market demand: – Biometric security systems have become […]

Consumer Use of Biometric Technology

In this day and age, biometrics are becoming integrated into more aspects of daily life, and play a significant role in businesses, homes, and even schools. For example, schools use biometric access control to ensure that certain persons who aren’t students or teachers verify their identity with biometrics to gain access to the school grounds. […]

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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