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Upgrading Security in Camden High Schools

The Camden City School District has unveiled $1.4 million high-tech security systems at Camden and Woodrow Wilson high schools just in time for the new school year.

Students will be much safer thanks to new, high-resolution digital security cameras and security doors that require ID swipe cards to open, recently reported.

The technology, paid for with state and federal funding, is welcomed by students. About half of them reported feeling unsafe in recent surveys. The district reported 163 cases of violence, including 18 with weapons, during the 2012-13 academic year.

Each high school had more than 80 entry points and doors were often open. Each school will now allow access to fewer than 10 areas. An alarm system will sound if unauthorized doors are open and surveillance cameras will be monitored.

The plan aims to keep out intruders and unauthorized visitors while keeping students and staff safe so they can focus on academics rather than worrying about danger.

This kind of security monitoring is important not only in schools, but in other areas of the community as well. Call Paragon Security NYC for integrated security systems that provide access control for your home or business.

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Burglar alarm to the rescue

A recent news story published on gives proof of how important it is to have alarm system monitoring. A burglar alarm system helped catch a suspect in a home invasion.

The alarm system alerted the homeowner that his burglar alarm had gone off. He was nearby and rushed home to find three people running from his house. Although the robbers fled the scene, the victim was able to inform deputies that he recognized one of the suspects. That burglar was questioned and arrested.

Burglar alarm systems have become very popular as people want to protect their homes, family, belongings and businesses. Sometimes it just takes the correct security system to scare off possible intruders when the burglars see the logo details of the security company on your windows or doors, or notice a surveillance camera. They would rather go to a different home or business which is not as well protected.

You are welcome to contact Paragon Security NYC for more information about how the installation of one of their wide variety of alarm systems is an essential element for the security of your home or your commercial establishment.

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Pet-friendly Alarm Systems

In order to have an effective home security system, you must make sure the motion detector installed is one that will go off in response to an actual threat and not the family dog or cat. You may think it is something difficult. How can a motion detector distinguish between a person moving about and a pet? The reality is, you can set up a pet-friendly alarm system in your home. Several different types are currently on the market. One of the more common types is the Passive Infrared Sensor. This alarm system will not trip when it picks up dogs as big as 100 pounds. Manufacturers of this product include Mace, Concox, Alean and Yale.

Even with a pet friendly alarm system, you still need to take precautions that your dog or cat will not set it off by accidentally pushing open a door or window. Always make sure those things are properly secured before leaving, and always make sure your access control system is properly set.

For proper instillation of a pet friendly alarm system, contact the experts at Paragon Security NY. Paragon is also the place to call should your home security system need repair.

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