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Cat, Dog, Camera…

The video went viral, and odds are you have already heard about or seen it after it appeared in multiple reputable news sources since its release.

Caught on a simple, home surveillance camera, we see an attack. But the perpetrator was not at all who you would expect, and won’t soon be taken to court. It was none other than a neighborhood dog. Without this security camera running, the world may never have gotten to witness the heroic cat who saved a young, California boy from this attack.

As the boy plays outside, we can see the dog from different angles approaching him. The dog makes contact, as a cat runs out from the direction of the home, warding off the dog and ultimately saving the boy.

There’s no telling when something unusual will happen around your home. Be ready to capture anything. Paragon Security NYC offers the top CCTV (or closed-circuit television) cameras so that you can monitor what is going on around your house.

These cameras, used for surveillance purposes, can help you to feel safer in your home and its surrounding areas. Don’t let one minute go by where you don’t know what’s going on around you. From attempted burglaries to car break-ins to animal attacks, a CCTV surveillance camera will catch it all.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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