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Can your home handle a blizzard?

A potentially historic storm that could achieve blizzard status could dump as much as two feet of snow on many parts of the Northeast United States. This kind of extreme weather event can be difficult to prepare for, but having your home ready for the event is key if you want to protect it properly. In particular, it is vital that you follow home security best practices when you prepare for the storm or respond to the snowfall.

Snowstorms may not seem like they would present a security challenge, but snow can have a major impact on how we protect our homes, even if the issue is only that we are less likely to lock our dead bolts when we leave the house because we don’t want to deal with being outside in the snow. 

Making sure your security system is ready for the snow
Whether you have an integrated security solution, surveillance cameras or basic alarms, electricity is important. These systems have to have constant access to power in order to function properly and protect your home. Blizzards can have a major impact on the utility grid as heavy snowfall, high winds, snowdrifts and other conditions can create debris and fallen branches. This can lead to extended outages. If the battery in your security system is low you could be in trouble when the power goes out. It is generally a good idea to check your alarm batteries occasionally, especially prior to a storm. You may also want to have a backup set of batteries on hand and know how to reset your system if it does lose power. Otherwise, your home could end up without protection if the power is out, making it a natural target for burglars who may try to take advantage of the outage to gain entry into homes that are normally protected by a security system.

Using common sense to protect your home
It is natural, when you are shoveling snow or getting the snow blower out, to leave the garage door open so you can easily put things away again. But while your back is turned a burglar could enter the garage and, from there, get into the house. Thieves could also steal from your garage with relative ease if you leave the door open. You should also make sure any access points into the home are kept in good condition during the storm and, if broken by debris, fixed as immediately as possible.

A lot can go wrong during a blizzard, but following a few best practices can help you protect your home.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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