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Cams in Paris and Milan Help Perplexed Fashion-Victims

What should I wear today?  What would be the most fashion-forward choice?  Pimkie, a French clothing line, tries to solve these age-old questions.  Pimkie launched a website dedicated to helping fashion victims around the globe choose their day’s wardrobe by providing them with the Color Forecast.  The Color Forecast tells users what colors are currently in vogue in the fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan and Antwerp.

The website uses digital cameras and some advanced software developed especially for the project.  These advanced technologies analyze the colors worn by the trendy European dwellers of the world’s fashion capitals and stream the information to the world.

Dorothee Braure, Marketing and Digital Director of Pimkie, says that “Color Forecast is a distinctive and competitive way to inspire our digital native customers in their choice of fresh fashion.  It is precisely what drives our style team in their day-to-day job: detecting key trends, inspiring our designers and guiding our merchandising teams in our four major markets.”

The website provides an hourly update of the color worn in the streets, and naturally also encourages surfers to purchase Pimkie attire that matches the hour’s trendiest color.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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