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Businesses Use Intelligent Key Management To Reclaim Assets

Minimizing loss associated with accidental damage, theft, and personal injury is a top priority for successful business. Where better to begin than by eliminating unauthorized access to company assets and resources by reclaiming the keys to commercial castle.

Unfortunately, when a conventional key is stolen, mislaid, or inadvertently taken home, company security is compromised. Even if nothing is stolen, and no damage done, the cost and inconvenience of fitting new locks and the impact on productivity can be significant.

The vulnerability lies in the access. The use of keys for any physical asset, including buildings, facilities, equipment, and vehicles can be much better managed with an Intelligent Key management systems, like Traka Touch.

‘Clever keys’ vs conventional keys
Traka’s solution is simple. Keys are effectively electronically tagged with a tamper proof security seal to a metal iFob. The iFob, with keys attached, locks into a receptor strip within the key cabinet until released by an authorized user, turning conventional keys into ‘Clever Keys’.

  1. Sophisticated intelligent touch screen Key Management
  2. Keys are readily available 24/7, but to authorised users only
  3. Standalone ‘plug & play’ system with embedded Windows® software
  4. Full audit capability, to retain a complete history of all key and user transactions
  5. Quick on-screen search for keys that are ‘out of system’
  6. View reports directly on screen or export via USB port
  7. Fast to configure and easy to use
  8. No network connection, PC or external database required

Paul Mazaher of Traka demonstrates the benefits of Traka Touch Intelligent Key Management Systems.
Traka Touch is an innovative solution in key management for offices, retail, factories, small industrial units and schools. Using touch screen technology, the Traka Touch is a stand alone, plug & play system. The entire system is self contained with user & key definitions and full reporting facilities, all managed entirely from the touch screen. This is a powerful key management solution –
Stop by any of Paragon’s 11 locations to discuss the which is the best Intelligent Key management system to suit your budget.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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