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Burglar alarm to the rescue

A recent news story published on www.myfoxal.com gives proof of how important it is to have alarm system monitoring. A burglar alarm system helped catch a suspect in a home invasion.

The alarm system alerted the homeowner that his burglar alarm had gone off. He was nearby and rushed home to find three people running from his house. Although the robbers fled the scene, the victim was able to inform deputies that he recognized one of the suspects. That burglar was questioned and arrested.

Burglar alarm systems have become very popular as people want to protect their homes, family, belongings and businesses. Sometimes it just takes the correct security system to scare off possible intruders when the burglars see the logo details of the security company on your windows or doors, or notice a surveillance camera. They would rather go to a different home or business which is not as well protected.

You are welcome to contact Paragon Security NYC for more information about how the installation of one of their wide variety of alarm systems is an essential element for the security of your home or your commercial establishment.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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