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Biometric Readers A La Carte

Fed up with time card manipulation and endless lost key cards, food and restaurant industry members are turning to biometric devices for better timekeeping and access control.

These small electronic devices, some of which can integrate directly with Point of Sales (POS) systems equipment, use encrypted images based on individual fingerprints to identify managers and employees when they clock in for work or enter and exit a facility.

Because employees cannot manually override or edit the information that is collected, time card data is accurate, the company has complete accountability in case of a loss and security is enhanced because keys and key cards are not lost or stolen.

When employees depart a business, there is no need to change their access codes or collect their key cards–the biometric device is simply reprogrammed once to void that individual from the system, saving a lot of labor.

Biometric solutions are incredibly affordable, too; many units cost less than $100.

Paragon Security NYC offers a wide array of biometric readers and access control systems for your place of business, so please contact us today to learn more and discuss all of your options.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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