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Biometric pet finder

There is a new biometric device that will silence even the most biting of critics: According to a story recently published on www.post-gazette.com, a biometric access control app can help you find your lost pet. The app is known as Finding Rover, and it allows animal shelters to send photos of dogs to an online database.

Each image is run through a software program which measures the eight distinctive dog biometrics that are unique to every dog, such as the size of the eyes and positioning of the snout. This allows pet professionals to use an ordinary smart phone as a biometric reader.

Back at home, distraught owners submit snapshots of their missing dogs, and facial markers from the snapshots are compared to measurements in the lost dog database created by the Finding Rover app. When a match is found, a happy reunion is an email away.

Right now Finding Rover is available only in San Diego County. The response so far has been tremendous and the owners are seeking funds to make it a nationwide service.

Biometrics, like any technology, can be used with malicious intent. But they can also be used to advance causes as noble and universal as uniting man with his best friend.

Contact Paragon Security New York for information on access control and the advanced uses of biometric devices.

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