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Big data derives from security systems too

The big data phenomenon is swiftly making its way through the private sector, as companies around the world leverage innovative tools to accumulate massive volumes of information on customers from social media and other resources. While new opportunities have emerged and given organizations a unique chance to analyze critical data regarding client behavior, these offerings are not the only available sources of information.

Most businesses today have high-quality physical security systems to deter crime, especially as the macroeconomic crisis continues. Although video surveillance cameras and access control systems are effective in these measures, preventing theft is not their only purpose. In fact, IT departments and executives can gather vast quantities of information from the devices, especially if the solutions are several years old.

Surveillance and customer-oriented data
Video surveillance cameras in retail organizations are particularly functional technologies. By monitoring real-time footage of a store and reviewing old tapes, decision-makers can learn which items sell the fastest and which are the least popular. This information provides unique insight into customer purchasing behavior, meaning executives can make adjustments to supply chain operations to meet evolving consumer demand. As a result, the organization may gain a competitive advantage over rivals.

Surveillance solutions can also help retailers design the most convenient setup for customers. In some cases, unorganized store shelves can dramatically decrease sales simply because individuals cannot find what they are looking for. By analyzing data generated by surveillance cameras, decision-makers may place high-selling items in specific locations, move sale shelves to more noticeable areas or make a number of other adjustments to enhance the shopper experience.

Access control and internal data
Similar to how surveillance cameras can be used to gather customer data, access control systems can be monitored to analyze internal operations. If an organization suddenly experiences a lapse in productivity, observing activity on access control systems can give decision-makers insight into what employees are doing all day. If a specific user leaves the facility on a regular basis, for example, it might be fair to say that particular worker is not meeting his or her potential and is hindering the entire company.

Information gathered from access control activity will also show if individuals are more actively engaged in specific departments. If executives realize that most employees are working in one area and not another, they can make adjustments to policies to ensure the work is more evenly spread out, improving efficiency and reducing expenses associated with maintaining equipment that is not used.

In the end, data runs the corporate world. Without information, companies would have no idea how efficiently they are operating, if they are meeting consumer demand or if they are keeping pace with the rest of their respective industry. Although physical security systems are primarily used for alarms, they can serve multiple purposes to progress the business.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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