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Avoid unwanted alien encounters with help from Paragon Security

No one wants to be unwillingly probed by an extraterrestrial. Unfortunately, nobody ever really knows when creatures from the great beyond will enter the atmosphere and conduct inhumane science experiments on our young homosapien species. Some people say they have already been abducted in the middle of the night, while others say aliens are nothing but fabricated lies and simply don't exist.

The moral of the story: It is way better to be safe than sorry.

By implementing an integrated security system, you will no longer need to fear waking up in the middle of the night with a scarier-looking ET standing at your bedside sharpening its utensils. This is because an advanced integrated security system, such as those offered by Paragon Security, combine a number of protective technologies into a single structure.

A central part of these systems include the surveillance cameras. With high-definition devices and advanced features, you will be able to see that UFO coming from miles away, giving you enough time to run, hide or pull out your secret bazooka bought for the sole purpose of defending yourself. Whichever tactic you take during the space invasion, Paragon Security's surveillance cameras will watch your back – literally.

While having surveillance cameras around your home is all well and good, if nobody is watching the footage, what's the point? Video systems need to have round-the-clock monitoring solutions, ensuring nothing gets by you unnoticed, even when you're sleeping. After all, who said extraterrestrials look like the Great Gazoo from the Flintstones and not the acid-dripping monstrosities introduced by Ridley Scott?

Finally, an anti-invasion home should have some access control system, especially if aliens have the ability to replicate human characteristics and features. If you've ever seen the X-Files, you'll know aliens are not always green and slimy. By implementing an advanced access control system, your home can be more protected from unwanted intruders, even if they do just look like regular old girl scouts.

Since no one can really tell you when the alien assault is going to take place, you should consider calling up Paragon Security for their free on-site evaluation. This assessment takes your home's unique characteristics into account so you can deploy the most effective, personalized anti-alien security system.

Don't be an unwilling test subject. Call Paragon today.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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