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Assault on inmate caught on camera

After footage from surveillance cameras inside the Mahoning County Jail in Ohio was released, two deputies are now on leave as a confrontation between the officers and an inmate is investigated. The video shows a deputy physically assaulting the inmate for an unknown reason, according to a report by local TV station WFMJ.

"It looks like someone – the deputy – might have lost his cool and got upset and took it out on the inmate," David Engler, the victim's lawyer, said, according to WFMJ. "It's sort of shocking and very surprising to me because I know the deputy."

The video shows the victim being escorted to a holding cell to change back into his prison jumpsuit following a court appearance for assault. It is during this time that the surveillance camera catches the deputy repeatedly striking the victim, though the reason for the outburst has yet to be uncovered by the investigation, the news source reported.

The deputy standing outside the holding cell has also been suspended with pay during the investigation into the incident, WFMJ noted.

"I was horrified when I seen the film. Somebody's going to have to pay the consequences of what happened there," Mahoning County Sheriff Randall Wellington said, according to WFMJ.

A separate report by the FBI noted that violent crime was not as common as property crime in Mahoning County in 2010. By deploying video surveillance cameras, organizations may be able to better investigate both property and violent crimes, helping local law enforcement agencies take the appropriate measures against guilty parties – even if the perpetrators are police officers.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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