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Analog cameras remain prominent in consumer sector

While network security cameras have gained a fairly dominant share in the mid-to-enterprise sized markets, the consumer home security sector has clung to analog devices. A recent IMS Research study found that analog cameras remain a key component in the home security market even though networked devices are prominent elsewhere. Approximately 85 percent of all security cameras sole in the consumer and do-it-yourself segments are analog.

Reasons for analog’s popularity
Pricing is one of the major contributors to analog camera use in the consumer market, the news source explained. Price is always a concern when security cameras are purchased, but it is almost always the most important consideration in the consumer industry. In many cases, it is the only thing that purchasers take into account. This creates an environment in which network cameras, which can much more expensive, are having a hard time taking a hold in the sector.

Functionality is another major problem. The study found that a significant number of consumers neglect to use all of the features available with an analog camera system. Because of this, many look at the capabilities of network camera solutions as unnecessary luxuries that they do not necessarily need.

While many consumers are still focused on analog cameras, there is a lot to be gained by investing in IP camera functionality. This is especially true now that wireless capabilities are available, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

Considering IP cameras
Cameras with IP functionality offer many capabilities that provide valuable insight into what is happening in your home. With an IP camera, you can connect to the video feed through the web and check on your home at any time. You can also use a camera that is programmed to notice when somebody comes to the door or similarly approaches the house. The camera can then notify you that something is happening and you can check the video feed. This helps you see if something normal, like a package delivery, is happening, or if you are looking at a problem and need to call authorities.

These types of functions can be extremely valuable for homeowners because they can give you a greater sense of ease. With a non-networked camera you may be able to use video to identify a burglar. With an IP camera, you can be notified if a thief is attempting to break into your home and take action.

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