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Advanced locks key as NYC police can be slow to respond

Police officers in rural or suburban areas can generally respond to crimes and calls extremely quickly because they do not have to deal with much traffic, do not often have an extremely high number of incidents to deal with at any time and have the ability to take multiple routes to an area without a problem. In urban areas, on the other hand, police have much denser traffic environments to deal with and a higher frequency of crimes. This creates an environment in which police in urban environments generally take fairly long to respond to crimes.

Police response times are a major problem in New York City. According to the semiannual Mayor's Management Report for the fiscal year 2012, the last time it was completed, the average response time for NYC police officers was 9.1 minutes, the New York Post reported.

Securing your home when police are slow to respond
Having a surveillance camera that can alert you when somebody arrives at your door is an important first step. If that person is an intruder you can call police and have them check your property out. However, 9.1 minutes is a long time if a burglar breaks into your apartment. It is probably long enough for them to get in, steal a few valuable items and get out without being noticed by the police. Furthermore, using the camera to track the person down is not always easy, though it is sometimes possible.

There are two ways to resolve this problem. The first is to have a lock solution that takes a long time to break. A quality lock can take a long time to pick, even for the most skilled burglars. At the same time, this strategy depends on having a reinforced door and frame so an individual cannot simply kick the door in. Locksmith services can help you get the right lock for your needs.

Another possible solution is to work with a security solution provider that is able to respond to an alarm more quickly than the police. If the service provider you are working with can get to your property quickly, it can prevent the thief from stealing anything and ensure your family and possessions are safe.

Protecting your home can be difficult, especially in urban areas where it can be easy to become a target. Having a layered, holistic security strategy can provide the protection you need.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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