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Access control market to see significant changes in coming year

Mobile technologies have been strengthening their place in a variety of markets during the past two years. In 2013, mobile device-based solutions will likely play a much larger role in the access control sector.

According to a recent study from an access control leader, mobile technologies could emerge as a key player in the enablement more effective security solutions. The likely growth of mobile access control solutions comes as many organizations and households are seeking a security system that is more convenient.

Mobile access control evolving
Mobile technologies have had the ability to play an important role in access control for a while, but a combination of market conditions and the newness of the technology have led to a somewhat slow adoption rate. The news source explained that this could all change in 2013 as the continued evolution of mobile access control solutions combines with wider market acceptance to fuel a mobile adoption rate that contributes to significant changes to the industry as a whole.

The report said that the foundation for mobile access control success in 2013 was set in place during 2012 when near-field communication tools began gaining prominence in the sector. NFC solutions are offering major potential for easy-to-use, but powerful security systems. However, the growth of the mobile access control market in 2013 will likely be dictated largely by how pervasive NFC-enabled smartphones become. At this point, the technology is fairly popular, but not pervasive. NFC will need to become much more pervasive moving forward to gain an integral role in the access control market. This could happen soon. If it does, the number of electronic locks used without contributing to excess inconvenience could increase by five times its current size.

Considering the potential offered by mobile access control solutions
Mobile access control systems could have a major impact on balancing the convenience and protection ratio needed in homes, offices and other structures. The challenge with most security systems is they need to provide adequate protection without getting in the way of day-to-day activities. NFC solutions provide the functionality, ease of use and customization necessary to balance powerful access control capabilities with convenience in a variety of settings. Furthermore, NFC can combine with building automation functionality to increase the amount of control that individuals have over homes and other types of buildings.

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