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Access Control Takes A Front Seat In Office Security

office access control

Many organizations face a unique security challenge because it can be so difficult to control who enters an office building and what they do while they are there. This is especially true in large urban areas like New York City, where businesses tend to lease space in large office buildings. In this kind of setting, you can't expect security personnel to recognize every individual who regularly enters a building. This creates an environment in which organizations have to carefully consider their access control strategies and think about how they protect their office space.

Using access control technology to protect the office
In many office buildings, just about anybody can get on an elevator or get into the stairwell. Having careful controls for initial access is often too difficult in shared office buildings. Sure, having a security guard at the door can help, but that guard is only go to be able to do so much to control entry. He or she may be able to confront somebody who appears clearly suspicious, but a person can walk in looking like he or she works in the building and move freely. Using keycards for initial entry into a building can help, but the value of that solution is limited because it can be inconvenient when receiving guests or job applicants. The initial entry in a shared office facility needs to be fairly simple, with the core access control solutions being handled by individual businesses.

For the most part, companies have to be responsible for their own access security. Just having a receptionist is not enough either, as that person is primarily a greeter, not somebody who can provide protection. However, you can deploy access control systems for the premises that your business occupies in a multi-company office building. 

Considering access control solutions
There are a few ways to protect your office if you are in a multi-company building. One is to create a small lobby area that acts as a buffer zone between the elevator, stairs and main office. You can then put a sturdy doorway at the entry to the main office and use a keycard system so employees can get in, but the door can be left open while there are people in the office. You can also use biometric or code-based locks for various office areas that only allow authorized personnel to enter sensitive areas. Regardless of the solution you choose, having a good access control system is key in office settings.

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