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A good security provider partnership can pay dividends for building managers

Building managers have a lot of responsibilities, especially in a major city like New York where they have a variety of security, regulatory and operational considerations to keep in mind. In many cases, the life of a building manager is one of playing many roles. A single person has to manage aspects of customer service, building repair, security and emergency response. At the same time, the individual has to do all of that to the highest standards of excellence, as damages in the place of residence can be extremely problematic. In many cases, the best option is to get help from experts in any industry. For many building managers, building a good relationship with a quality locksmith and security system company is an important step in getting the job done effectively.

A building manager can use a third-party partnership for everything from installing alarms to building intercoms, but there are a few areas where a trusting, healthy working relationship is particularly valuable.

Locksmith services
For most building managers, a locksmith is used for one of three reasons – to change a lock when a tenant moves out, to help a resident who is locked out or to respond to an emergency situation. In some cases, that emergency could force a building manager to get into an apartment as quickly as possible when the resident is not home. In some cases, an individual may be locked out in the middle of the night and need emergency help that requires a locksmith. Having a trusted partner is vital in any of these circumstances.

Trust is key first because using a locksmith can be risky. Forcing entry is not a matter to be taken lightly. Having a reputable locksmith that you can trust can make it easier to handle tough entry-related decisions. Cost is another key consideration. When building managers have large-scale lock-related projects or emergency situations, they need to know exactly what it will cost them to hire a locksmith. Being surprised by a bill laden with hidden fees is not helpful, and having a partnership with a good locksmith can ensure that you always know what you are getting into when you call the service provider.

Get a good intercom
Building managers that can secure the outer perimeter as well as possible can go a long way toward protecting the inside. While any multi-family residence presents some security challenges, large apartment buildings with lots of foot traffic can be a haven for thieves and burglars who can slip in unnoticed, force entry into a tenants home and find his or her way out without any trouble. A good intercom will make it much easier for residents to identify visitors properly and allow for a secure perimeter to be established.

Consider multi-layered access control
The problem of perimeter security and thieves who wander into a facility is very real for building managers. One of the best ways to limit movement around a multi-family dwelling is to have residents use key fobs or cards that only allow them access to certain parts of the structure. This ensures that every person living there does not have too much access to other parts of a building and use that freedom of movement to take advantage of other residents.

Building managers face a tough task trying to handle complex security problems in large apartment facilities. However, a good partnership with a locksmith and security solution provider that can offer meaningful help in a trustworthy way can be invaluable. The right vendor can help building managers deal with emergencies, improve perimeter security and gain more control over how people move around a structure. 

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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