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4 Tips for Summer Home Security

Summer time brings heat, longer days, and fun vacations out in the sun. While you’re out enjoying the weather, however, burglars often prioritize the summer months to strike on residential buildings. No one wants to come back from a day at the beach or a long trip away to learn that their property has been invaded, but there are ways to help deter burglars and monitor the safety of your belongings – no matter where you are. From simple safety checks to our wide range of security systems, here are our top four tips to keep your property safe this summer.

1. Don’t advertise your absence.

Going on vacation? Don’t make it obvious. Before leaving, do a quick walkthrough before you leave to ensure all doors and windows are locked. Take precautionary measures such as stopping your mail, hiring property care services, and stay off of social media to avoid letting others know your property is empty.

2. Install a comprehensive alarm system.

An alarm system is crucial for home security to be alerted at the first sign of trouble. Ensure your alarm system is up-to-date and covers all entry points, including doors and windows. Paragon offers a wide range of alarm systems for installation, complete with 24/7 alarm monitoring to ensure your home stays safe.

3. Protect your outdoors.

Even if you’re staying home, it’s important to secure your outdoor areas. Use Paragon’s vast range of security cameras to monitor tool sheds, garages, and recreational spots like pools. Proper coverage ensures peace of mind and deters unwanted attention.

4. Make your security system visible.

Your home security system isn’t just for emergencies – it deters burglars too. Use signs to let potential intruders know your home is protected. This simple step can make them think twice about targeting your property.


Keep your property safe this summer and beyond.

Paragon Security & Locksmith, Inc. is a trusted NYC locksmith and security company established in 1988. We prioritize customer service and quality work, and have become a leading brand in the locksmith and security systems industry. Our unique training process and use of company-certified technicians ensures that all our services are performed with expertise and professionalism. Our headquarters is located in Greenwich Village and we serve customers throughout the five boroughs and beyond. Whenever you need help, we’re only a call away!

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help protect your property.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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