Security Cameras

Typically referred to security and surveillance camera systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a live or prerecorded signal, over a closed loop to a specific location, on a limited set of monitors. Surveillance Cameras CCTV are now a ubiquitous security feature on many commercial premises in purpose of deterrence, rather than intervention in, criminal activity.

At Paragon Locksmith NYC, we offer a comprehensive variety of CCTV equipment ranging from single camera, monitor and VCR to the most sophisticated surveillance wireless cameras CCTV system. Our CCTV services are tailored to the specific security requirements of NYC commercial and residential buildings, and our Paragon locksmiths provide intercom installation, remote surveillance, and day and night closed circuit television using IR night vision technologies.

Paragon Locksmith NYC CCTV equipment includes but is not limited to:

Digital Video Recorders

Day and Night Cameras

Spy Cameras

All Weather Cameras

Wireless Cameras

Mini and concealable cameras

Paragon Locksmith NYC CCTV service includes but is not limited to:

CCTV Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Vandal Proof Line

Discreet Camera Service (professional advise on optimal location for camera to be most discreet)

Security Monitoring

Video Recorder

In addition to security surveillance, CCTV systems maintain your virtual presence when away, and as an effective security feature, surveillance cameras CCTV further reduce commercial insurance premiums.

Paragon Locksmith NYC expertise in closed circuit television guarantees top quality installation and professional consultations, for maximum CCTV deterrence against crime directed at your property.


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