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Locked Out Stories Of NYC

My neighbor locked herself out of the house, and her family was on a vacation. She knocked on my door looking for help. I found Paragon Security & Locksmith on Citysearch and called them. 25 minutes later, Roy their technician arrived and opened the door in just a few minutes… (citisearch) I got locked out […]

Customer Needs Drive Security Innovation

This article written by Roie Telyas was originally published to the Brivo blog as Innovation Secures Our Future. Paragon is a proud retail provider of Brivo products.  Innovation Secures Our Future Customer needs drive every business, and this has never been more true than in the security and locksmith industry. As the world becomes more digital and fast-paced to accommodate our […]

Move-In Security Check For New Homeowners and Tenants

When it comes relocating, the process of moving is hard enough. Whether leasing a new apartment or purchasing a new brownstone, there are hundreds of little details to be taken care along the way. But before you know it, life will get back to normal. And when it does, you want the transition to the […]

The Key To Security In New York City

When you are making a move there is a lot to keep in mind. You have to stockpile finances to deal with all kinds of deposits, fees and general expenses. You also have to deal with a lot of logistics issues and paperwork to make the entire move possible.

A New Level Of Home Security: Freedom From Keydom

Keyless touchscreen deadbolts offer enhanced security and convenience Experience FREEDOM FROM KEYDOM! – Keys have been used to lock our doors for centuries. Finally there is a more secure and convenient way to come home that completely eliminates the need for keys: Keyless touchscreen deadbolts. No more keys. Returning from work, dinner, a run, shopping or walking […]

Keyless Access In New York City

Written by By MICHELLE HIGGINS | The New York Times New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems In the next few months, residents at a handful of buildings in the city will be able to walk up to their apartment doors and go inside without fumbling for keys. And if the dog walker or cleaning service […]

Safeguarding Our Schools, Children And Teachers

When it comes to education, it is essential for students to have a safe but welcoming environment, in which to grow. Schools have long struggled with finding the right balance in creating this learning environment. The challenge is in maintaining the flow of day-to-day academic activities while still protecting students against unauthorized entry and access […]

Window Gates Key Security Solution in NYC

Declining crime rates in many parts of New York City have led to some debate as to whether or not residents actually need to have bars over their windows. While a few arguments can be made to skip the expense of barring windows, the risk is too great to ignore.

Siedle App For Apple Watch

The Siedle app for Access turns your iPhone or iPad into a mobile extension of an Access door intercom from Siedle. It allows you to see who is standing outside your door, talk to visitors at the entrance and open the door if you choose – no matter where you happen to be. The Siedle […]

Your Door Makes All The Difference In NYC

If you live in New York City you probably have plenty of reasons to be concerned about security. Keeping your home, family and possessions safe can be difficult, and the door to your house is one of your best lines of defense. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras and similar solutions can all pay major dividends, but having a good door can go a long way toward protecting your home.

Layered Access Control For NYC Businesses

Security and regulatory compliance needs create a business environment in which organizations have to carefully control who has access to different types of information. While the focus of such discussions is often on the IT side of data protection, many companies maintain paper records, in-house IT infrastructure and other physical assets that have to be […]

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