Residential and commercial alarm systems deter forced entry incidents, and loudly caution against fire hazards. Paragon Locksmith NYC provides easy to operate, sophisticated alarm systems which double as burglar alarms and fire alarms, designed to safeguard against potential dangers.

Paragon Locksmith NYC Alarms Service includes but is not limited to:

Integrated Wireless Security Systems

24/7 alarm system monitoring

Fire alarms

Burglar alarms

Access Control Solutions

Motion Detectors

Alarm Installation & Repair

Paragon Locksmith Manhattan offers wireless security systems with integrated burglar alarm, fire alarm, motion detectors, and access control mechanisms for maximum security. Wireless security systems are not only easy to handle, but further prevent intruders from disconnecting wires and cables for easy access into the premise.

Paragon Locksmith NYC provides a professional 24/7 alarm system monitoring on call when your alarm sounds off. As the security system picks up intrusion signs the alarm is set off, at which point Paragon Locksmith contacts you to dispatch the police to your home or office. With comprehensive round the clock monitoring, we at Paragon Locksmith NYC are dedicated to safe guard your property for maximum protection.


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